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Meet the Top Contenders for Affordable GMT Watches in 2023: Who Will Win Under $5K?

Best Attainable GMTs Under $5000 in 2022

The GMT watch has become a popular choice for watch enthusiasts and travelers alike. It offers the convenience of tracking multiple time zones on a single timepiece. In the past, there were several GMT watches available in the $4000 price range, making it an attractive option for those looking to buy their first GMT watch. However, the industry has seen significant changes in the past year, with many new releases flooding the market. This article focuses on the attainable GMT range, from entry-level options up to $5000.

Overview of Attainable GMT Range

The attainable GMT range includes a wide selection of great watches with definitive leaders and points of value. Most of these watches are true GMTs, with only one exception on the list. A true GMT is a watch that allows isolated function of the local hour hand when pulling the crown to the second position.

If you want more information about GMTs, you can watch a video on the concept. It is worth noting that there are so many new GMT watches flooding the market that even as this article was being written, there was news of another GMT unveil, the Tissot Sea Star GMT, right over $1000.

SSK Series: Seiko 5 GMTs

The Seiko 5 GMTs were released in 2022, and they immediately became a hit among watch enthusiasts. These watches are priced under $500 and come with a mechanical movement (the 4R34) and several specs that are typical of the Seiko 5 Sports collection. They offer 100 meters of water resistance and a 42.5-millimeter case that wears true to the SKX format that became popularized since its release in 1996. The crystal is mineral, which is probably the only downside of this watch. However, these watches are simply fantastic, with three different bezel options to choose from.

Bulova Wilton GMT

The Bulova Wilton GMT is another watch that is redefining the attainable GMT range. It features the Miyota 9075 movement, a 9-series movement that operates at 4 Hertz and offers isolated hour function. This means that you get true GMT functionality for well under $1000. The watch comes with a 43-millimeter case that is slightly more elegant than other watches on this list. However, it wears like a 42 in practice and is only 12.7 millimeters thick. The watch offers 30 meters of water resistance and comes with a Sapphire Crystal.

Certina DS Action GMT

Certina is a brand that is often overlooked within the Swatch Group. However, the DS Action GMT showcases the brand’s diving pedigree and offers a true GMT movement on the inside. The watch comes with a 43-millimeter case that is a decent size for utilizing this movement. It is 12.6 millimeters thick and comes with an isolated hour function with the GMT. The watch also offers an 80-hour power reserve.

Mido Ocean Star GMT

Mido is another brand that is no stranger to utilizing true GMT movements in this price segment. The most popular watch from the brand is the Mido Ocean Star GMT. These watches are class-leading GMT watches with a diving format. The bezel is also unique, with an additional bezel. The watch offers 42.5-millimeter case size and comes with an isolated hour function with the GMT.


In conclusion, the attainable GMT range has become more compelling than ever. The watches on this list offer great value for the price and most of them are true GMTs. While there are still great GMT watches available in the $4000 price range, the options available under $5000 are equally impressive. Whether you are looking for an entry-level option or a watch that is slightly more upscale, the watches on this list are worth considering.

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