MAD 1 RED: accessible MB&F

Who has never dreamed of affording a MB&F watch ? With prices between 5 and 6 figures, this sweet dream is accessible for most watch enthusiasts. In June 2021, Max Büsser and his team presented the MAD 1a watch from the brand MADEditionsin a limited edition and intended for “Friends” and the tribe of owners of MB&F.

But there. The vision of this little gem caused euphoria among lovers of fine watches who flooded MB&F with comments, messages, emails… It is said that people slept in tents in front of Max Büsser’s home and left offerings at the threshold of his front door to try to buy a copy.

Watch MAD-EDITION-MAD1-Lifestyle1_Lres
The MAD1 that unleashed the crowds

The team therefore studied the project for nearly a year and today presents the MAD1 RED. This revisited version of the original MAD1 is available for the sum of 2900 Swiss francs!

1680072329 993 MAD 1 RED accessible MBF

This model is very close to the first version with its striking titanium and tungsten rotor, the hours and minutes on the side of the case (which is now thinner), its modified Miyota movement.

Watch MAD-EDITIONS_MAD1-RED_Wristshot2_Lres

The first served will be those who have shown a great interest in the watch. They were laid down on a list. Then, the remaining copies will be sold during a draw which will select the “chosen ones”!

Watch MAD-EDITIONS_MAD1-RED_Lifestyle3_Lres

The MAD 1 RED worn

Here it is worn on my wrist. If its lightness would almost make us forget it, its very mobile rotor tickles our field of vision and reminds us of what a beautiful piece sits on our wrist.

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