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Luxury watches: is their quality truly excellent?

For many of us, wearing a luxury watch on our wrist represents a real life accomplishment. Symbol of success, the latter are often associated with a very high price, reflecting an extraordinary quality. Indeed, a luxury watch must be able to survive the years without any difficulty. But is it really the reality? Are all luxury watches of excellent quality? This is the question we are going to try to answer together today!

Luxury watch: what does it really mean?

First of all, it is very important to clearly define what a luxury watch is. Indeed, it might not be what you expected.

We very often tend to think that an expensive watch is necessarily a watch that can be qualified as belonging to the luxury sector. Well, at the risk of disappointing you, this is more of a preconceived idea than reality.

When we talk about products, be it timepieces or any other luxury accessory, this is not necessarily synonymous with quality or know-how. Indeed, this only implies a certain positioning of the product and its brand, belonging to a trend, or quite simply a certain sales strategy.

Therefore, a luxury watch is not de facto a watch of excellent quality. It is very important to consider before purchasing:

  • make and model history
  • watch movement
  • finishes

These are the criteria that can determine the real quality of a model, and not its price.

Having said that, it is now important to know how to recognize a quality watch before being fooled by spending your money on the first so-called “luxury” model that you can find on the market.

Tips for recognizing a quality watch

In accordance with what we have just said, a luxury brand can offer models of average quality, and vice versa! Because yes, small brands, or brands not known to the general public can be the source of watches of flawless quality, without the price becoming exorbitant.

Here are some tips to help you make the right choice.

luxury quality watch

Observe the mechanism

Indeed, one of the first things to analyze on a timepiece model is its mechanism. And the latter must be impeccable to ensure the good quality of the watch.

The most important thing is that it be fluid, regular and meticulous. This means that the movement of the watch is perfectly designed.

To be sure, you must first listen to the ticking of the watch. This sound must be extremely discreet.

Another crucial point, whether the watch has a mechanical or quartz movement, the hands must change regularly but above all precisely.

Know the materials used

This goes without saying, but it is still very important to remember it. Quality materials will be a sign of robustness and durability for your watch, a fundamental criterion in the search for a luxury watch.

Avoid materials sensitive to oxidation and breakage, and prefer more solid materials such as steel, gold, or silver. Small trick, these materials are much heavier than those of poor quality.

If your watch has a sapphire crystal, even better! This will guarantee you quality resistance against the risk of scratches and breakage.

Authenticity: a safe bet

We have mentioned it, but the history of your watch is decisive in order to assess its quality.

Origin and manufacturing process are information you should know before buying a timepiece.

In addition, it is essential to be given what is called a certificate of authenticity when buying a luxury watch. Without this, it is more than necessary to doubt the quality of the latter.

Finally, to be even more certain of making the right choice, it is quite possible to ask a watchmaking expert to determine the quality of the watch, especially if the price of the latter is particularly high.

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