L’heure Passion – Jewelry Store in Charenton-le-Pont, Val-de-Marne (94220)

Jewelry store Charenton-le-Pont (94220), Val-de-Marne

A rich history in jewelry and watchmaking

For several decades, Charenton-le-Pont has been home to talented jewelers, heirs of ancestral know-how. These passionate artisans offer their original creations to the inhabitants of the city, but also to visitors seduced by their exceptional mastery of goldsmithing.

Walking through the cobbled streets of Charenton-le-Pont, it is possible to spot several jewelry stores located not far from the famous Gare de l’Est or Rue Mai in Paris. At each of these prestigious addresses, there are unique pieces such as rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and watchescarefully crafted with top quality materials.

Services offered by Charenton jewelers

In addition to the sale of precious jewels, Charenton jewelers offer a range of services to meet the specific needs of customers. Among these services, we find:

  • Jewelry engraving
  • Creation of personalized jewelry
  • Redemption of gold and precious metals
  • Transformation and repair of jewelry and watches
  • Traditional and contemporary watchmaking
  • Monitoring and advice for buyers.

Jewelry engraving and creation of unique pieces

Jewelry engraving is an ancestral technique which allows initials, dates or personal messages to be affixed to the chosen pieces. The jewelers in Charenton-le-Pont have real talent to carry out this delicate operation, thus guaranteeing the satisfaction of their customers.

In addition, they can also use their creativity to design tailor-made jewelry, developed according to the preferences and tastes expressed by their customers. This high-end service is the ideal opportunity to offer an exceptional gift to your loved one.

Gold repurchase and jewelry transformation

Some jewelers in Charenton-le-Pont also offer the purchase of gold in all its forms: bars, coins, gold jewelry, etc.

Likewise, it often happens that customers wish to transform an old or damaged piece of jewelry. To this end, Charenton artisans use their know-how to bring valuable objects back to life and adapt them to current trends.

Jewelry and watch repair

Val-de-Marne jewelers also carry out repairs on damaged jewelry. They can retouch settings, replace missing gemstones, restore broken bracelets, etc…

In terms of watchmaking, they are qualified to carry out troubleshooting of mechanical and automatic watches, changing batteries, replacing bracelets, general maintenance of cases, cleaning, checking and adjusting movements… Watchmaking know-how is therefore very present in Charenton-le-Pont!

In-store collection and online stores

Thanks to online stores present in most local jewelry stores, customers now have the opportunity to order their favorite items from home with complete peace of mind.

Furthermore, some establishments are also considering the possibility of collecting your purchases directly from the store. This service allows everyone to benefit from informed and personalized advice before deciding to purchase a specific product.

The best jewelers and watchmakers in Val-de-Marne

Do not hesitate to go to Charenton-le-Pont to discover the best jewelry and watch addressessuch as the Place des Marseillais or the Quai de Bercy CCAL Bercy 2.

These establishments offer a varied choice of jewelry and watches, meeting all tastes and budgets. Their qualified salespeople are at your disposal to inform you about the different product ranges and guide you in your choices. An unforgettable experience in the heart of Val-de-Marne!

List of local companies for the search “Bijouterie Charenton-le-Pont, Val-de-Marne”

LMB Collection

  • Activity category: Jewelry
  • Address: 3 Pl. des Marseillais, 94220 Charenton-le-Pont
  • Telephone: +33145185031


  • Activity category: Costume jewelry
  • Address: 109 Rue du Petit Château, 94220 Charenton-le-Pont
  • Telephone: +33954200166
  • Website :


  • Activity category: Wholesale jewelry seller
  • Address: 21 Rue Arthur Croquette, 94220 Charenton-le-Pont
  • Telephone: +33765551226
  • Website :


  • Activity category: Jewelry
  • Phone: +33658014399

Shaker Jewels Paris

  • Activity category: Jewelry
  • Telephone: +33615147111
  • Website :

My precious

  • Activity category: Jewelry
  • Address: 99 Rue du Petit Château, 94220 Charenton-le-Pont
  • Telephone: +33651891894

Sophie Louise Workshop

  • Activity category: Jewelry
  • Website :

Oh my Shine Jewelry

  • Activity category: Jewelry
  • Telephone: +33767740092


  • Activity category: Jeweler
  • Address: 17 Rue Bourgelat, 94700 Maisons-Alfort
  • Phone: +33650153313

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