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Leaked information hints at an imminent price increase for Galaxy Watch 6

Dealabs magazine has reported leaked images and details of Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch 6 lineup. This product information is accompanied by leaks about other Samsung products that will be released soon, including the Galaxy Buds 3 and Z Flip 5.

Typically, Galaxy Watch watches are announced in August and released soon after. These leaks could therefore take place a few weeks before Samsung unveils the new series, possibly during the Samsung Unpacked event in Seoul.

There are few details, but it looks like the Galaxy Watch 6 will be available in 40mm and 44mm and 43mm and 47mm for the Classic. All four sizes will offer Bluetooth and 4G connectivity options. A few color choices are known so far, including graphite and silver for the 44mm, black and silver for the 43mm and 47mm, and graphite or cream for the smaller 40mm configuration.

If these details are likely to excite Samsung followers for what the manufacturer of smartphones and connectivity tools has in store for them, information that has been revealed is not necessarily welcome.

Leaked information hints at an imminent price increase for

Galaxy Watch 6 prices seem to have been revised upwards

Along with the admittedly few details on the watches themselves, information has been shared about the potential pricing structure of the new smart watch from Samsung. The price could well be a little higher than that of the Galaxy Watch 5, which retails for 299 euros.

On the other hand, the new 40mm Galaxy Watch 6 with Bluetooth connectivity is scheduled for a sale price of 319.99 euros, a jump of 20 euros. The same goes for other brands of the Galaxy Watch 6, the 40 mm 4G version being offered at 369.99 euros. Prices for the 44mm version are set at €349.99 and €399.99 for the Bluetooth and 4G versions respectively. €469.99, and the larger model will retail for €449.99 and €499.99, depending on the connectivity chosen.

This suggests a new pricing structure for Samsung’s latest product line. It should be noted, however, that this information is far from official.

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