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Later this year, the launch of the Google Pixel Watch 2 is possible.

Last year, Google officially pleased Pixel fans by launching its first-ever smart watch on the market for wearablesafter presenting it at the Google I/O 2022 conference. Today, according to new rumors, we could soon discover the new generation of the Pixel Watch, expected this year.

According to an undisclosed source relayed by 9to5google, Google’s next-gen Pixel Watch is expected to arrive later this year, at the same time as the Pixel 8 range, during the month of October. Going by last year’s history, Google may possibly tease the Pixel Watch 2 first at Google I/O 2023 scheduled for next week.

If you think this timeline is too early, it’s not. Google has been working on its smart watch Pixel for years before releasing it in 2022, so it’s no surprise that Google also planned this in advance. We don’t know if Google will call it Pixel Watch 2, but we can expect noticeable improvements.

The Pixel Watch 2 will most likely be powered by an upgraded chipset (possibly the Snapdragon W5+ Gen 1) to bring performance improvements. As a reminder, the smart watch current received Samsung’s Exynos 9110 SoC from 2018. We can also expect better battery life and more RAM and storage.

Fitness-related features could include an electrodermal sensor for stress tracking, skin temperature, SpO2 sensor, and more. As for the design, it doesn’t look like Google will move away from the watch’s domed design, but this one could feature thinner bezels and a bigger screen. That said, the watch’s minimal circular design makes it very appealing to those looking for something that isn’t too bulky. Many have also expressed interest in a slightly larger sized Pixel Watch, like around 45mm, to match their aesthetic.

great expectations

Wear OS could also adopt the Material You theme and other improved features. It will be really interesting to see how Google improves on its second-generation Pixel Watch and whether it will be able to compete with watches like the Galaxy Watch and Apple Watch. It should be noted, however, that this is just a rumour. It is therefore better to wait for more details.

The Google I/O 2023 conference should allow us to see things more clearly. We’ll see announcements around the Pixel Fold, Pixel 7a, Android 14, and more.

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