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Is poor quality always associated with the cheapest watches?

If some lucky people can proudly wear luxury watches, the price of which we know, on their wrist, others unfortunately cannot afford such accessories, for lack of means. But fortunately, there is also the watch market, models of timepieces at a much lower price. However, are these cheaper watches of poor quality? A question that is legitimate to ask and which we will try to answer in this article!

Do not generalize about cheap watches

The first thing is to do not generalize on models of watches whose price is very affordable. Indeed, not all cheap timepieces are of poor quality.

Obviously, some are sold much more expensive than what it should be. With the development marketing and all means of communication more and more convincing, it is easy to be fooled and regret your purchase after a few weeks.

However, as we said, this is not always the case. If you fall for a watch model whose you doubt the value for moneyit exists some tips which will allow you to recognize a good quality model. These tips relate to 5 different aspects of the watch. They are :

  • Design
  • Technical characteristics
  • The materials
  • Touch
  • The brand story

This is what we are going to see right away!

Tips for recognizing a good quality cheap watch

With these different techniques, you will be sure not to be fooled!

The design of the watch

Even if you like fairly simple and classic watch designs, overly simplistic design is often the result of questionable quality. Indeed, this may reflect the company’s lack of investment in a real search for style.

But beware, it is very important to make the difference between a model deliberately worked in a refined way, and an absence of research and development on the design.

Technical characteristics

The first thing that should alert you to the absence, or even a very small dose, of information on the technical characteristics of your watch.

The most important points to pay attention to are:

  • The movement of the watch
  • The bracelet
  • Complications

If it is not possible to read and understand precisely the information concerning these three different points, it is because the brand does not bring enough importance to what must make the quality of a watch.

For neophytes, do not hesitate to go to forums or seek advice from professionals to make sure you don’t make the wrong choice.

The materials that make up your watch

Concerning the materials with which your watch is madeit is essential to focus on it.

For the case of the latter, if you notice the presence of materials such as ceramics, titanium, gold and all other kinds of precious materials, so that’s a good sign. Indeed, it is not enough to see the name of stainless steel to be reassured, the latter being used by both high-end and low-end brands.

For the glass, it is essential that it be a sapphire crystal, or acrylic to ensure its resistance.

The touch of the watch

When you take the watch in hand, pay attention to the sensation of winding, when the pushers are pressed, but also to the noise it produces. This will allow you to test some technical features yourself of the watch like its movement for example.

The accuracy of a timepiece is also a very good indicator of quality, so focus on that.

The brand story

If your brand story does not contain real informationhistory of previous models, or articles allowing you to refer to the opinions of passionate people, this is generally a very bad sign.

Notions inheritance and seniority are very important in the world of watchmaking. Indeed, this makes it possible to ensure a certain guarantee of quality with consumers, and therefore, to establish their legitimacy, even for inexpensive watch models.

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