Baltic launches a new collection with the Hermétique Tourer

Introducing Baltic’s newest collection: The Hermétique Tourer

The news for Baltic is very busy during this second half of 2023. Beyond the second participation in the Only Watch event thanks to a watch including a perpetual calendar module developed by Maclef, the company founded by Emmanuel Bouchet, Baltic has just presented the first watches from the brand new Hermétique collection. The objective pursued is to complete the catalog by offering watches that are both urban and adventurous thanks to performances ensuring them a certain versatility. The four inaugural pieces bear the name Tourer and are available in different dial colors: green, blue, beige and brown.

In order to remain consistent with its entire range, Baltic has respected its main stylistic principles. The neo-retro atmosphere is still present and is underlined by a steel case diameter of 37mm. However, the case remains very present on the wrist because the distance from lug to lug is 46mm. The style is rather slender, the thickness is reasonable (10.8mm) but the element which gives the Tourer this aesthetic fluidity is the integration of the crown. The result is visually interesting and I also appreciated the combination of several types of finish (polished bezel, horizontally brushed caseband and circular brushed lugs). The case is not revolutionary but it is well made and effectively supports the ambition of this watch. In fact, it adapts to all circumstances, being able to be worn on the right or left, on a male or female wrist.

1696864601 664 Introducing Baltics newest collection The Hermetique Tourer

The dial is more interesting from my point of view because it has several depth effects. There are many nods to traditional watchmaking: the convex central area, the peripheral railway and above all the shape of the hands define the essential character of the Tourer. The central “syringe” type hands are very attractive and the “lollipop” second hand nicely enlivens the whole thing. Numbers and indexes are applied. The fact that these start from the central area to join the railway accentuates the feeling of volume. There too, nothing revolutionary but the approach is coherent and careful.

This photo allows you to appreciate the integration of the crown, the shape of the glass and the applied indexes and numerals:

1696864601 670 Introducing Baltics newest collection The Hermetique Tourer

A crown integrated into a case is not the most practical. This makes its handling more complex and almost prohibits manual winding. When such a solution is implemented, the counterpart is to use a movement which requires as little stress on the crown as possible. In this context, the Miyota caliber 9039 is a good choice thanks to its reliability and excellent winding efficiency. On the other hand, the power reserve is a little short (42 hours) by current standards, which may lead to the need to reset the watch regularly. Nothing too serious, however, since once the crown is pulled out, it can be handled without too much difficulty. Note that the movement is not visible since the caseback is solid. Excellent news because it is not particularly beautiful to look at and the solid background is more in the spirit of the piece.

1696864601 506 Introducing Baltics newest collection The Hermetique Tourer

The interest of the Tourer lies in its versatility. Aesthetic versatility given its simple, classic style, without frills and with a few details that “enhance the flavor of the dish”. Versatility in use thanks to the 150 meter water resistance, luminescent numerals, indexes and hands and the double-domed sapphire crystal which ensures optimal readability. Baltic did not revolutionize watchmaking to create this model, but its execution responds perfectly to the roadmap assigned to it. The Tourer can be worn without restriction and the Tropic bracelet which is sold with it provides effective and comfortable support on the wrist. Grain of rice or flat link metal bracelets will also be available but with a price increase of 78 euros.

1696864602 470 Introducing Baltics newest collection The Hermetique Tourer

I was able to test the 4 versions and the one that I liked the most is the beige because it offers the strongest contrast between the central area and the peripheral railway. With a tropic bracelet in the same color that I would describe as more “sand”, the whole thing becomes more original and bright. In any case, the Tourer is an accomplished, well-thought-out and well-made mixed watch. He certainly lacks a little grain of madness but that’s not what we’re asking of him. It aims to be a basic watch that is comfortable in all circumstances and an entry point into the world of mechanical watches thanks to its versatility. Finally, its selling price is rather attractive (660 euros with the tropic bracelet, 738 euros with the metal bracelet) due to the quality of the packaging and, I dare say, the growing reputation of the brand. The Hermétique collection is therefore well born, at this stage without any real risk-taking which is initially the best solution. However, I hope that the next models in this collection will be more daring.

The 4 versions of the Baltic Hermetic Tourer will be available for sale from October 10.


+ unsurprising but careful execution

+ the presentation of the dials

+ water resistance of 150 meters

The lessers:

– a somewhat short power reserve by current standards

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