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Improved features in Pixel Watch 2 include upgraded sensors, extended battery life, and enhanced accuracy.

Google, during its Pixel 2023 event, introduced its second generation Pixel Watch, alongside the Pixel 8 series. The watch looks similar to the First generation Pixel Watchbut brings a number of improvements.

The Pixel Watch 2 sports the same round display, which appears slightly curved. It is made of 100% recyclable aluminum, which makes it 10% lighter than its predecessor. The watch also featuresa haptic crown, larger this time, and a side button.

The AMOLED display supports up to 1000 nits of brightness and theAlways on Display. It is covered with a layer of Corning Gorilla Glass 5. The Pixel Watch 2 is equipped with a 4-core Qualcomm 5100 chipset and a Cortex M33 coprocessor. This should improve both the battery life and performance of the watch. The Pixel Watch 2 supports a larger 306 mAh batterywhich is supposed to last up to 24 hours with the function Always on Display activated. It also offers support for fast charging, which allows you to get a 50% charge in around 30 minutes.

There smartwatch has 2 GB RAM and 32 GB storage space.

Realistically, the biggest improvement the Pixel Watch 2 offers is a new heart rate sensor. Instead of measuring your pulse in one location, the multipath sensor uses an array of LEDs and photodiodes to observe your pulse from different angles. All Pixel Watch metrics that leverage your heart rate, including sleep and active zone minutes, should benefit from the multipath sensor. To preserve battery health, the Pixel Watch will intelligently switch between single-path and multi-path heart rate functionality.

Improved features in Pixel Watch 2 include upgraded sensors

Improvements in sensors

Additionally, it is equipped with a SpO2 sensor and ECG support. Skin temperature sensor is also supported. The novelty is the Body Response function introduced with the Fitbit Sense 2, which can detect sweat level and change in heart rate to know if you’re stressed. This is thanks to the new continuous electrodermal activity (cEDA) sensor, which was missing from the first generation Pixel Watch. The end goal is to make you more aware of stressors, such as certain physical activities or alcohol consumption, which can be corrected through behavioral changes.

You will also be able to manage your stress and track your steps, calories and sleep from the Pixel Watch 2, while being able to monitor several physical activities. There are new heart rate zone training and pace training features to help you stay on track with your goals.

You also have the new Fitbit app. It runs Wear OS 4.0 for features like image and GIF previews, one-tap directions, and improved accessibility features, among others. There are Google apps like Google Maps, YouTube and others, as well as Google Assistant.

Security features

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And, in addition to the well-established Google functions that are fall detection and emergency SOS, Pixel Watch 2 adds Safety Check functionality. This one is very interesting: if you find yourself in a potentially dangerous situation (hiking, walking alone at night, etc.), you can program a location sharing timer. Each time the timer expires, you can choose to send your location to friends or family (or contact emergency services). If you do not select a security screening option, your location data will automatically be shared with emergency contacts. Medical information may also be shared with emergency services if they are called.

Google will also sell a medical ID accessory for the Pixel Watch 2. It’s a small red object that wraps around the Pixel Watch 2 band. When someone presses a button on the accessory medical ID, your medical information is displayed on the Pixel Watch screen. This is a good idea for anyone who has drug allergies, heart problems, or other conditions that may be relevant in a medical emergency. That said, first responders may be more accustomed to an old-fashioned medical ID bracelet or necklace.

Price and availability

The Google Pixel Watch 2 is on offer priced at 399 euros for the Wi-Fi variant and 449 euros for the 4G LTE model. It is now on pre-order and will be available for collection from October 12.

1696534175 180 Improved features in Pixel Watch 2 include upgraded sensors

There smartwatch also comes with 6 months of Fitbit Premium and 1 year of YouTube Premium. It is available in Polished Silver aluminum case/Azure Blue sports strap, Matte Black/Volcanic Black sports strap, Champagne Gold/Sage Green sports strap or Polished Silver/Porcelain sports strap.

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