Impressive Sapphire Case Brings Back the X41!

Discover our opinion on the new generation of X41 by CODE41 and its amazing sapphire case ! To push the transparency of a skeleton watch to its climax!

The X41, a success since its launch

Even before its launch, the MBA blog introduced you to the X41 watch, the “luxury watchmaking” model from Code41. We were talking about it as a future phenomenon and history has proven us right. Each edition met a huge success with 1850 pieces sold and more than 9 million euros in turnover! Those who wrote that a young Swiss brand could not break into the elitist segment of watches over €5,000 did not understand the driving power of the Lausanne brand and its thousands of fans, who participate by their votes. at each stage of watch design (choice of design, materials, finishes, etc.).

X41 review watch
The first X41 we tried

The quality of the Swiss movement, the ultra-modern design of the X41 skeleton watch and word of mouth have made the X41 an unprecedented success in this price segment hitherto reserved for well-established Swiss brands with industrial production such as Omega or Rolex. CODE41 has breathed new life and originality into this market and we can only be delighted!

X41 titanium
The X41 from CODE41

A new X41 edition with a sapphire case!

For this new edition of the X41, CODE41 continues its quest for luxury and ultra-transparency with an all-sapphire case. A performance rarely offered, we nevertheless think of exceptional pieces such as the MP05 Laferrari Sapphire of Hublot or the RM 56-01 Sapphire Crystal Tourbillon from Richard Mille, watches with hallucinating prices. The idea of ​​a watch with a sapphire case appeared in the 1980s with the brilliant watch designer Vincent Calabrese, but few brands have offered models because it is a complicated technology to master and obviously very expensive in terms of production costs.

X41 watch with sapphire case
Even greater transparency thanks to the new sapphire case!

Designing a sapphire case is a technical challenge first class. The latter is initially much more expensive to produce than a titanium case: €3300 against €150, or 22 times more expensive! It is also more complex and longer to work with (machining, polishing, drilling, assembly: all production stages must be specifically reviewed for this demanding material) than the two materials proposed so far for the X41, AeroCarbon and grade 5 titanium.

Allowing no errors in design or cutting, the sapphire case is only offered by a few Haute Horlogerie brands and at incredible prices…

The advantages of a sapphire case

If the sapphire case brings a code of ultra-luxury and a great originality compared to the watches currently offered on the market, the technical characteristics of the sapphire also give it many advantages:

the exceptional hardness of sapphire gives it a scratch resistance far superior to that of steel, titanium and carbon. Only diamond surpasses sapphire in hardness.

the lightness of sapphire ensures optimal comfort on the wrist, being twice as light as steel.

– and especially the transparency of sapphire made of the X41 a captivating skeleton watchwe can contemplate its movement from all angles.

X41 Code41 Sapphire Edition
Several designs available with sapphire case


The other new features of this edition of the X41

In addition to the sapphire case, the brand founded by Claudio d’Amore has made other changes compared to the previous X41s:

new colors for bridges: after offering 9 different colors to the CODE41 community, it’s the green And the Rainbow (which we like very much) who have been chosen. For this, CODE41 collaborates with Positive Coating, a Swiss specialist in the coating of watch components based in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

– A translucent bracelet to accompany the sapphire model: to offer the most immersive transparency experience.

X41 sapphire reviews
The X41 is customizable at will

Technical characteristics of the X41 watch

– three materials available for the case: sapphire as we have seen for total transparency but also a grade 5 titanium And AeroCarbon as on previous generations of X41.

– A truly swiss movement : designed, manufactured and assembled entirely in Switzerland, in small series.

– the famous exclusive peripheral oscillating mass which ensured the success of the X41 from its launch through the technical performance and the extreme transparency it offers on the movement.

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