I Went To Switzerland To Buy a Watch The Switzerland

I Went To Switzerland To Buy a Watch!! (The Switzerland Experience)

I went to the home of Rolex and bought my first fancy watch Switzerland is known for many banks the chocolates the Alps fondue yodeling on top of mountain and they’re really fancy watches this is a story and not only this crazy experience but how I made a really good

Friend by the end of it now we start our journey in Strasbourg where my cousin Julian makes us eat a lot me too much So I know it’s random to have my cousin in this blog because again this videos supposed to be about Switzerland but there’s a good reason why I haven’t in the blog besides the fact that he’s super silly makes for great content what’s up Julian hello what’s up good

Good morning and you we’re starting off this morning with a little rad dude sleeping yeah it sucked good okay okay starting off the morning here in Strasbourg next to the German border I got my cousin right here we’re doing a little bike ride in the morning you know

Wake us up because who needs coffee and yeah I’m just kind of like enjoying this moment right now cuz like I live in a desert and it’s so green here there’s cows and animals and green and there’s even corn here gotta love corn it’s amazing this whole

Entire trip is amazing it’s a month out here in Europe we’re traveling to six different countries experiencing different cultures everywhere we go and yeah I’m just kind of vlogging this right now it’s pretty cool it’s pretty cool so besides the fact of having all this awesome content in these super dope

Drone shots there’s a real reason why I include my cousin AIDS because this video that day is about Switzerland not about France and I just needed all these epic drone shots because you know what I had this cool clip that I thought would been a perfect segue into Switzerland

Julian are you noise John are you making that kekada bash yeah I know that was my clever way to transition in Switzerland well okay cool we’re in Switzerland and this boy right here is making us hike of this hill I don’t know why we’re hiking for

So long awesome this is Ben I never met this dude before but he welcomed us with open arms and showed us around Switzerland and also you’ll never see him without a smile on his face okay Ben Switzerland whenever I think about Switzerland I think about Swedish people

Yo laying on top of a hill I mean sweaty people yes we Swiss with Swiss I mean PewDiePie’s with Swedish yeah I always think about a Switzerland person like you on top of the mountain with your little yodeling up there for you man for you okay Ben really quick before the

Wind comes up you’re touring us around Switzerland because it’s Swiss tell me a bit about where we’re okay right here right now we are on Russia’s hell it’s a Mountain place in the middle of Switzerland and that’s very unique because from that spot you can see 80%

Of the country what were there this is the one of the most famous chain of mountains in the world this is the allottee Okay so our tour guide back here says that this water right here is drinkable right yeah it is yeah Swiss water like straight away from the mountain ah it’s probably like melted snow so we can break it no way really no way wait wait wait wait I actually

Got to try this now ooh go I’m experiencing life like my ancestors he just stepped on the water you still gonna drink it huh there was nothing there you didn’t do it again good car go away it’s really fresh water you know what it tastes like it

Tastes what but you know what makes it special the mountains fresh Switzerland alfe water now as amazing as it was the drink water straight from the Alps I do have to confess something I fell in love with Switzerland charm The hype was finally over is Swiss chocolate really that good and well all I could say was I literally ate some of those food samples like I just renamed it which is so so cold but you know what I learned I love chocolate and I was

Only in Switzerland once so I had to make sure that ice and go to myself and they have all the chocolate I could because you know what chocolate is just so so good and even though I got a bunch of looks at all I just ate more and more chocolate

Because you know what I learned that I love chocolate chocolate is just so good to my party oh I don’t this and then it he had so much software Okay what we got here been a fondue assistance fondue haha and you can eat Been gave us the full Swiss experience we experienced everything from the food to the people we saw so much of what the country had to offer and we ended it with him showing where he grew up guys this is a real Swiss farm okay this is

Dirty it smells like poop only bash this farm was his family’s and it was older than the USA itself his family invited us for dinner and we made homemade pizzas it was so good living in the city I don’t ever get to experience these kind of things seeing

How well the animals were treated here in Switzerland and seeing how they got that eggs it was it was pretty cool probably chickens holy chickens My god they’re all coming For me that’s how fresh they are bro there weren’t from the the hens but from the chicken but yeah yeah yes actually and lastly Switzerland is known further watches they have so many world-class brands I think the obvious one everyone knows it’s Rolex but these guys are

Known for prestige on and you know being in the city where they actually make it I thought it was about time for me to look into my first luxury watch made by Tisa oh my god okay so we are currently in the highest city in Europe right now

And since we’re in Switzerland my boy Ben said that they were known for watches they got companies like Rolex companies like swatch other companies Cartier and your boy bought a watch now I wanted in the store and they said this was a limited-edition one so I just had

To get it you know because if it’s a limited edition then I can do anymore and your boy you know he’s Frenchie fries he has to stay fresh he has to get that unique stuff you need content he has to stand out from everyone else so

Your boy your boy got this it even comes with a little pillow case I’ve been getting an appreciation for watches recently and I you know on Instagram you guys have been like asking me like yo what kind of watch is this it’s just a basic watch you know it does it doesn’t

Matter we don’t need that anymore because you know what we have this limited-edition Switzerland watch have you put this on boom flexing on those haters guys and then we are now watched buddies watch brothers good it’s awesome because I have the new logo Tisa and you have the old one that’s a

Very like limited edition and lastly been yeah I just want to thank you for the past couple days in Switzerland it’s been the most cultural experience I’ve had in a good minute we’ve seen so many things I’ve experienced Switzerland I feel like we’ve had chocolates we’ve seen the

Watches we visit the factories we’ve seen the Swiss Alps we’ve we’ve done so many things we had fondue we literally like everything from food to like the people everything we’ve we’ve experienced a lot and I just want to thank you for that bro oh you’re welcome Oh gonna miss you bro

I’m gonna miss having come to Vegas if you ever come to Vegas we’ll be waiting and I will You

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