How to change the battery in a clip-on watch

Victorinox Watchopener Small Swiss Pocket Knife, Lightweight, Multitool, 4 Functions, Toothpick, Large Blade, Red

  • The compact tool for opening watches to change the battery
  • Pocket knife with 4 functions, made in Switzerland: large blade, watchopener, tweezers, toothpick
  • Lifetime warranty: The Victorinox warranty covers any defects in material and workmanship without a time limit (except for electronic parts 2 years) Damage resulting from normal wear and tear or improper use of the object is not not covered by warranty
  • Dimensions: height 11mm, length 84mm, weight 32g Rib material: ABS / Cellidor Item number: 02102 Item name: Watchopener

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