Watch maintenance

4 tips to maintain your timepieces in good conditions

Watches are more than just a fashion accessory. They reflect our personality and accompany us on a daily basis. To keep them in excellent condition, it is essential to take good care of them. Here are some tips to keep your watches looking and looking their best.

Clean your watch regularly

Like any object you wear daily, your watch deserves regular cleaning. Dust, sweat, and dirt can accumulate on the strap, case, and dial, and affect the look and function of your watch.

Cleaning the strap and case

Practical tips for taking care of your watches

To clean the strap and case of your watch, use a soft, slightly damp cloth. Gently rub the dirty parts, not forgetting the links and hard-to-reach places. If necessary, add a drop of mild liquid soap to the cloth. Absolutely avoid harsh chemicals that may damage the materials of your watch.

For leather straps, prefer a dry cloth and avoid water. You can also use specific products for leather to nourish it and prolong its life.

If you wear your watch every day, monthly cleaning is recommended. Otherwise, a cleaning every three or four months will suffice.

Cleaning the dial

To preserve the beauty of your watch face, simply use a soft, dry cloth to wipe off any fingerprints, dust and dirt. Never use water or liquid products on the dial, as this could damage the internal mechanism of the watch.

Protect your watch from bumps and scratches

A watch is a precious and fragile object. To prevent it from deteriorating prematurely, it should be protected from shocks and scratches which could damage the case, the glass or the bracelet.

  • Store your watch in a suitable case or stand when you’re not wearing it. This will protect the glass and the strap from scratches and bumps.
  • Avoid wearing your watch during sporting activities or intense manual work (DIY, gardening, etc.). Vibrations and shocks can damage the watch mechanism, especially if it is mechanical.
  • Be careful not to bump your watch against hard objects or abrasive surfaces. A simple clumsy gesture can be enough to scratch the glass or damage the case.

Regularly check the operation of your watch

It is essential to monitor the proper functioning of your watch, whether mechanical or quartz. Here are some important things to check:

  • Battery Life: for quartz watches, it is recommended to change the battery approximately every two years. Do not wait for your watch to completely stop to replace the battery, as this may damage the watch movement.
  • Manual winding: If you have a mechanical watch with manual winding, remember to wind it daily to ensure that it works properly and preserve the life of the mainspring.
  • Time accuracy: It is normal for a watch to lose or gain a few seconds a day. However, if you notice too large a deviation (several minutes per day), this may indicate a technical problem. In this case, do not hesitate to consult a professional watchmaker.

Maintain watches professionally

Although daily maintenance will help preserve the shine and beauty of your watches, certain operations require the intervention of a professional watchmaker.

The battery change

As mentioned before, it is important to change the battery of your quartz watch every two years or so. Do not hesitate to entrust this task to a professional watchmaker who will know how to handle your watch with care and replace the battery without risk of damaging the mechanism.

The revision of the movement

Mechanical watches require a general overhaul of the movement approximately every 5 to 7 years. This operation consists of dismantling, cleaning and lubricating all the parts of the mechanism in order to ensure its proper functioning and longevity. Only a professional watchmaker has the skills and tools necessary to perform this delicate operation.

Strap replacement

Over the years, the strap of your watch can wear out or deteriorate. In this case, call a watchmaker to replace it with a model suitable for your watch, whether it is a metal, leather or synthetic strap.

By following these practical tips, you will keep your watches in excellent condition for many years. Regular maintenance is the key to preserving their beauty, precision and value.

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