histoire montres gmt aventure

GMT Watches: Mastering Time

histoire montres gmt aventure

Do you have a globetrotting soul within you? Does the idea of ​​changing time zones obsess you? Rest assured, you are not the first person in this case!

Already in 1675, the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) was born with the aim of helping sailors at sea to determine the local time.

Almost 200 years later, in 1876, the meridian would become the planetary reference that would establish the basis for the different time zones. The world had already set its clocks on time!

The very first GMT watches

Following the Second World War, commercial flights of the intercontinental type became more and more popular among the general public. Pilots, whose on-board instruments were purely mechanical, needed to know from their hectic activity the departure and local times after their journeys over the various continents.

The company wisteria consequently innovated by presenting the “Airman” watch model in 1953. Coupled with a rotating bezel, its original hour hand performing a single turn of the dial over 24 hours allowed the user to instantly read a second time zone.

Here’s a look at the Glycine Airman Vintage “The Chief” Purist GL0412, a contemporary reissue that helps give you an idea of ​​how the vintage model looked!

vintage airman watch the chief purist gl0412 wisteria

The reading of the second time zone was done cleverly by the presence on the bezel of graduations ranging from 1 to 24 hours. Unwittingly, the brand had just revolutionized the watchmaking landscape.

The rest, some know it well! In 1954, to the delight of the public and especially following the request of the American company Pan American World Airways better known under the title “Pan Am”, rolex will unveil its now legendary model GMT-Master reference 6542.

A bestseller that will be seen on the wrist of pilots from all airlines of the time. Ease of use and reading comfort, accentuated by a red arrow-type hand and a two-tone bezel tinted red for the daytime hours and blue for the nighttime hours, have greatly helped this Rolex to become the benchmark for possess to feel citizen of the World.

We can also note that the GMT Master has been seen several times on the small and big screen!

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There james bond girls, Pussy Galore notably wears a 6542 alongside Sean Connery in the cult Goldfinger from 1964.

In the series Magnumwe will also observe Tom Selleck with his GMT inherited from his father who will even know a fixed shot of several seconds during the fourth season of the detective with the famous mustache and the legendary flower shirts.

A trendy watch complication

In recent years, the general public’s growing enthusiasm for complicated timepieces has continued to grow and we can note that GMT watches have been enjoying ever-increasing success.

As a result, manufacturers are stepping up their efforts to satisfy increasingly demanding fans!

We can once again cite Rolex which, with its current GMT Master 2, inspires collectors of all ages whose only dream would be to wear a captain’s uniform in order to have a legitimate purpose for wearing their beauty on a daily basis.

There are nevertheless less expensive alternatives such as the GMT model from Tudor delivered in a blue and red configuration and a bezel applying a typography close to that observable on the original model of the brand with the crown.

The GMT dream can also begin with the excellent accessible model from the Seiko 5 Sports range!

seiko 5 sports watch ssk003k1

The world is changing and borders are falling! The desire to discover distant lands represents an essential need for every human wishing to express themselves freely and to assert their freedom of movement as a source of wealth and a source of pleasure. The idea here is not to suffer the passage of time but rather to take it as an opportunity in the discovery and joy of the new.

The GMT does not strike the hours but it resonates in our hearts of enthusiasts and it would be a shame not to count this superb complication in our collections.

Whether you are a neophyte or a well-informed person, it is always pleasant to trigger the surprise and curiosity of our peers at work or in the evening. Putting on a GMT is a guaranteed success in advance!

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