Wind up an automatic watch in just 3 steps

“Get Your Automatic Watch Running in Three Easy Steps”

Swiss Made Watch, a French watch brand, explains how to wind an automatic watch. Power reserve, death zone, here is all there is to know.

Summary :

  1. The different watch movements
  2. How an automatic watch works
  3. Wind up automatic watch in 3 steps
  4. The Swiss Made Watch automatic watch

1. The different watch movements

A watch is a complex object by nature. Few people understand their inner workings. Knowing that this varies according to the properties of the watch. A chronograph watch will not work in the same way as an automatic watch for example.

However, all models share the same logic. They are all activated by the action of a force or a third element.

  • A quartz movement works thanks to the piezoelectric effect. Quartz, which is a crystal, begins to quiver when near a current of electricity. It is this phenomenon that activates the movement.
  • A solar watch is equipped with mini-photovoltaics. These are affixed to the front of the movement to best capture natural or artificial light. When the solar battery is sufficiently charged, the watch starts up.
  • An automatic watch is more specific. It has no additional physical element since it is your movements that maintain its mechanism. We then speak of a mechanical watch with automatic winding. This is the whole subject of this article; we are going to see together how to wind up an automatic watch yourself.

2. How an automatic watch works

To learn how to adjust it, you must first know what is going on inside the case. How is it possible that a watch really draws its energy in this way?

In reality, everything is essentially based on 2 or even 3 parts.

When you walk, work on the computer, or move your arm without realizing it, you are performing a movement. This is reflected on the balance wheel which comes into action and in this way, recharges the spring. The energy produced is then stored by the barrel.

When you are not wearing your tocante on the contrary, the barrel discharges. The power reserve is exhausted. There power reserve watch refers to the autonomy of the jewel, it is the duration during which it will continue to function even though you are not wearing it. This duration may vary depending on the watch movement. Swiss Made Watch, for example, works with the Japanese house Miyota, which offers models that can last up to 42 hours in complete autarky.

The movement is also what really makes the quality of your watch. It is important to choose something that is suitable for your needs. If you are a collector and like to alternate pleasures from one day to the next, too low a power reserve can cause you to wind up an automatic watch almost every time you take it out of the drawer. It can get boring. On the contrary, if you have daily use, it does not matter.

It should also be noted that there are 2 types of mechanical watch: the first is manual winding and the second is automatic winding. In addition, one winds manually every 24 hours no matter how often you have it on your wrist and the other recharges according to your activity. Our brand only produces models that meet this second option. It’s a practical detail that makes a big difference in everyday life.

If you buy in store, the jeweler or watchmaker will start the operation for you, thus showing you the settings to be made for the following times.

If you order online on our site, know that we pre-adjust the watches. We activate their mechanism before putting them in their case. However, the delivery time can potentially exceed 42 hours and therefore exhaust the power reserve. You will have to give it back “heart rate” yourself.

Rest assured, each of our automatic watches comes with its own little instruction guide. Our watchmaking expert will explain each step to you in detail. We also provide maintenance advice and tips on our blog.

This article comes as a reinforcement to this document in order to explain to you more generally what an automatic watch is and help you to assimilate the complexity of its workings.

Now let’s get to the heart of the matter. The manipulation is divided into 3 parts.

  • First, you will have to pull the crown out. This must be in position 1. Some crowns have several positions, by definition several notches. These notches affect various functions of your watch. The first sets the time, the second the date (when it is a men’s calendar watch or a ladies calendar watch) And so on.

Note that our auto templates only populate the time at this time.

  • Second, turn the crown to set the time. The hands are supposed to move in the dial. Release once you have positioned them correctly.
  • And finally, return the crown to its initial position, that is to say position 0. This action is intended to allow the watch to update itself and regain its full potential.

Easy, right? The procedure may vary depending on the models, but the logic often remains the same. All you have to do is find the right position of the crown since they are the ones that govern the mechanism. Everything will be indicated to you on the collection box.

Nota Bene

There is one last detail that remains to be known regarding date and time models. It’s called the “death zone”. Rest assured, this evocative name actually refers to a period of time during which it is contraindicated to adjust or wind an automatic watch. This period occurs between 9 p.m. and 3 a.m. It corresponds to the moment when the date change is taking place. If you disturb the mechanism during this time, this can harm it and cause a severe malfunction that only an expert can carry out maintenance. To be avoided if you do not want to rub shoulders with this famous death zone.

The Swiss Made Watch automatic watch

What excites us in watchmaking is the culture of movement. Swiss Made Watch Watch offers all kinds: classic quartz, mechanical, solar… And these are embodied by several fashion collections designed with passion and reflection.

Regarding the automatic watch, Odyssey (women) or Imperial (men) we opted for a skeleton design, the only one truly capable of showcasing the mechanism. “Skeleton” is a term used to designate the transparency of the dial and therefore the exposure of the cogs of the mechanism.

These models therefore share this characteristic, but also convey the same presence. They are aimed at all collectors and also at all more novice people who simply have a taste for beautiful things.

Find our products at our official reseller partners throughout France. And more widely on our website. Delivery is fast and free for any online purchase.

Our automatic skeleton watches

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