G-Shock 40th anniversary

G-Shock’s 40th Anniversary Celebration

Casio celebrates the 40th Anniversary of G-Shock with powerful sports watchmaking armament. “G-Shock leads the way,” announces Yuichi Masuda, President and CEO of Casio. “Reaching this important milestone clearly means that we have brought satisfaction to the hearts and minds of customers. Casio originality is based on innovative features and performance and diverse designs.” The corporate credo of “creativity and contribution” of Casio materializes in G-Shock better than ever. Technology, maximum functionality and the indestructible value of pieces created for sports, but which could well be used in any “war” of our daily lives.

Frogman Double Anniversary

A very special new Frogman arrives in limited edition of 700 pieces. MRG-BF1000E-1A9 is a commemorative design with concept color yellow, the hue of the first Frogman (DW-6300) just 30 years ago. With gold vapor deposition appear the engravings of the character of the diving frog Frogman of the first generation, as well as the words “G-SHOCK 40TH” y “FROGMAN 30TH”.

Water resistant to 200 meters, the sapphire crystal is press-fitted into the titanium screw-lock case back to ensure a highly water-resistant structure while maintaining the radio wave reception sensitivity of a built-in antenna. Solar poweredis compatible with cell phones and, among other multiple specifications, has world time in approximately 300 cities, chronograph, countdown, LED light and utilities for diving with time line recording, location and configuration with underwater map, as well as graphic of tides.

new mudman

But for men from the mainland, the iTapered Mudman also gets a facelift. And there are three versions in black (GW-9500-3), green (GW-9500-1) and a striking orange (GW-9500-1A4). The design features a new dual-layer LCD display for better visibility of features like the compass in darker environments. And its slimmer profile offers greater ergonomics in sports practice without losing its robustness and resistance.

Mudman It is an all-terrain watch designed for sports such as triathlon, mountain biking or any other challenging extreme adventure. A high performance tool that resists the most extreme conditions such as falls, mud or shocks in the middle of nature, with direct and frontal sensor buttons so that the functions of the watch are not affected.

Among its numerous applications, Mudman has a chronograph, world time, barometer, altimeter, thermometer, five alarms, etc. With Tough Solar power system, the life of the watch can be extended up to 6 months after a full charge. It is also a piece with radio control. “We are celebrating the 40th anniversary of G-Shock this year. Reaching this important milestone clearly means that we have brought satisfaction to the hearts and minds of customers,” says Yuichi Masuda. G-Shock It has become a brand with its own entity that offers the best Casio features.

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