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G-Shock: The Ultimate Premium and Gold Experience

G-Shock continues to offer new versions of its most emblematic watches designed for adventurers and adventurers of all kinds… This time the Casio brand shows us that it knows how to go upmarket and follow current trends with models ranging from €299 to €1,250.

New MTG-B3000 Silver

casio gshock mtg b3000d 1aer 3 watch

Modern, robust as desired, both in terms of design and materials, the MTG-B3000D-1AER does not go unnoticed on the wrist. Mounted on a slim carbon-fiber reinforced case combined with an integrated stainless steel case back, the MTG-B3000 is surprisingly thin compared to other G-Shock models of its kind. It benefits from a Dual Core Guard structure which combines strength and lightness (148 g), and from Triple G Resist construction which makes it resistant to shocks, centrifugal force and vibrations.

In terms of functions, there is plenty to do, as always with G-Shock! Bluetooth Smart, smartphone time, Super Illuminator, automatic time setting via reception of radio-control signals, world time, second time zone, date and day, stopwatch, countdown, Smart Access technology, locking of the button of the crown, etc. The possibilities are numerous and make this timepiece an extremely complete tool.

For operation, we remain with solar energy, with always a very appreciable waterproofness of 200 m.

Price: €1,100

casio gshock mtg b3000d 1aer 4 watch
casio gshock mtg b3000d 1aer 5 watch

New MTG-B3000 Supermoon Gold

mtg b3000cx 9a planet jpg

The bezel is covered with an ionic gold plating to evoke the surface of the moon, a star that is found in a pattern on the dial. The back of the case is engraved with an illustration representing a rabbit traveling towards the Moon.

For the rest, the MTG-B3000CX-9AER is armed with a Dual Core Guard structure and a carbon-reinforced resin case. In addition to the oversized crown, the numerous pushers, identical to the model MTG-B3000 Silvermake it possible to activate the many functions found on this same timepiece (Bluetooth Smart connectivity, Super Illuminator, automatic time setting, automatic calendar, stopwatch, etc.).

Price: €1,250

Mudmaster Black&Yellow Pack

Black and yellow appear on two models in the range Master of G: the GG-B100Y-1AER and the GW-9400Y-1ER. Watches designed to withstand shocks, water (up to 200 m), mud and dust. They are equipped with a number of functions, including a barometer, thermometer, compass and altimeter. So here we have two timepieces designed for sport and outdoor adventure, with solar power.

  • There GG-B100Y-1AER offers a black hue with yellow lines on the transparent bezel, and touches of yellow also on the crown, the dial, as well as on the resin back.
  • There GW-9400Y-1ER is black, with accents of yellow on the bezel, buttons, dial, and the inner band of the bracelet.

Price: €399 (GG-B100Y-1AER), €299 (GW-9400Y-1ER, right below)

4549526344015 1 bc5b jpg
gshock rangeman gw 9400y 1er watch

New GM-B2100 Gold

gm b2100gd kv 1080 1080 jpg

We end on gold with the news GM-B2100GD-9A Gold which manages to appear robust, sporty and elegant at the same time thanks to its all-metal look, whose yellow-gold surprises as much as it seduces. It includes a golden steel case plated by ionization (same for the bracelet), as well as the famous octagonal bezel, a nod to the very first G-Shock.

On the dial, a combination of digital and analog displays the various indications available in addition to the time. The black is enhanced with golden touches referring to the structure of the model.

There GM-B2100 Gold is a versatile watch that can be imagined with both casual and dressy attire. Its many functions also allow it to be particularly practical and suitable for classic or more specific use (sport, travel, etc.).

Price: €599

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