The evolution of the women's wristwatch, from Cartier to DWYT

From Cartier to DWYT: Tracing the Evolution of Women’s Wristwatches

Retrospective on the rise of the women’s wristwatch and the reasons for its success. From Cartier to Swiss Made Watch, the evolution of an infinitely modern model.

The original women’s wristwatch

The watch was not always the one we know today. If it is worn today with a bracelet, this was not necessarily the case several centuries ago. Let’s take a quick look back at the origins of this well-adopted model.

There are several legends about thewatch history. A single element is common to all these stories. This is the motivation that drove such a creation: practicality. At the time, standing clocks were in vogue. They indicate the time quite precisely and allow each household to measure the course of the day. Effective, yes, but impractical. Alternatives, less imposing and therefore more easily transportable, are rapidly emerging. The small pocket watch in particular is an example of this.

History will remember that the founder of the Cartier house was the first to have grafted a watch case onto a bracelet. And the idea did not come to him spontaneously. Indeed, it was an aviator friend who gave him the idea. The latter complains of not being able to read the time when he is in flight, at the risk otherwise of putting his life in danger. Mr. Cartier therefore developed the first men’s wristwatch of his generation. The model is then very quickly adopted by the female sex who seizes it as a new fashion accessory.

A model that makes sense

Like a bracelet, the women’s wristwatch wraps around the wrist. It therefore occupies a strategic place in the composition of an outfit. Some watchmakers will tell you that a tocante is above all a practical object and not a vulgar accessory, Swiss Made Watch is convinced that it can be both at the same time.

The women’s quartz or automatic wristwatch is plural. It embodies the meaning you give it. Through our brand, we have decided to give it the mission of participating in building more sustainable fashion. The Swiss Made Watch Watch thus brings together the most neutral natural materials in its dial or case. To this, we add resistant design bracelets to ensure the best lifespan.

Our range of bracelets is mainly made up of classic models in cowhide leather, even if we are gradually tending towards a more original and responsible line based on vegetable fibers. There Ladies watch leather and the women’s vegan watch coexist perfectly since they share common natural qualities such as resistance and quality over the years.

A model with style

Swiss Made Watch has therefore developed several ranges to personalize your women’s wristwatch. These are interchangeable thanks to the flash pump system, allowing you to juggle from one bracelet to another with the greatest ease and fantasy. The handling is achievable by everyone and everywhere without tools. Make your jewelry evolve according to the occasion. For example, match it to your clothes or according to the trend. 14 mm straps are compatible with all of our collections.

We also offer a version ladies watch box fitted with a watch on its flagship bracelet, combined with an additional bracelet.

To get a more concrete idea of ​​the result of the watch of your choice with a particular strap, all you have to do is: click on the product sheet, select the desired color and scroll through the photos! Of course, you can buy the bracelets individually. Delivery is fast and free for any purchase on our website. The e-shop site also allows you to have a complete overview of our range. The in-store selections are more limited, but generally list all of our bestsellers. Discover in physics the official selection of our partner watchmakers and jewelers in France.

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