The 4 good reasons to buy a men's analog watch

Four compelling reasons to purchase an analog watch for men

Are you still hesitating? The men’s analog watch is your obvious choice. Discover the main qualities of this watch model.

Summary :

  1. What is a men’s analog watch?
  2. The benefits of an analog watch
  3. A timeless analog watch

What is a men’s analog watch?

It is very simple. An analog watch is the horological term used to designate a watch, with quartz or automatic movement, whose time is indicated by hands on the dial. In short, the traditional operation that we all know. On the contrary, we distinguish the digital watch without hands and whose time is displayed in the form of numbers.

The definition of analogy is the fact of associating two objects of a different nature with the same idea. Thus, the analogy of a watch designates our ability to assemble the direction of a hand towards a time indicator to conclude the time.

The advantages of such a system

  • Maintain your brain activity

Just reading the time on your watch stimulates your brain activity. Do you remember when you learned to tell the time? Even if reflexes are well integrated today, they still require some reflection; more in any case than looking at the time on your smartphone for example.

In addition, watches differ according to their indicators. Some are more informed than others and have more indexes to facilitate information gathering. It could not be more practical for people in the learning phase or those for whom it is not yet obvious. Other models, on the contrary, only have the main details. Still others also display the date; We are talking about men’s calendar watch.

  • Distinguish the phone from the watch

The smartphone has become an everyday tool. It replaces the calculator, the computer, the camera…and even eclipses the watch. It has actually become much more instinctive for many people to check the time on their phone. It’s practical, of course, but it’s also quite revealing of our contemporary lifestyles. Technology is omnipresent in our daily lives. The analog men’s watch is an opportunity to start a digital detox away from screens and closer to simple things. It anchors you again in the concrete and rationalizes your relationship to time. What could be better than a simple men watch ?

The tocante has also been diverted from its initial use over the years. The connected watch in particular literally transcends it. It allows you to send messages, measure your heart rate, monitor your sports activity… All of this concentrated in a tiny electronic device that fits the width of your wrist.

Wearing a men’s analog watch has become a statement. It’s taking the opposite view of the masses and embracing their “old school” side in relation to the group. In the end, there is something very controversial about wanting to make a difference by wearing a slow show.

A timeless analog men’s watch

Analog is the most established watch genre in the market, and also the oldest. The modern watch as we know it was designed centuries ago to replace standing clocks. It therefore had to fulfill the same function while being transportable, thanks to the strap attachment system in particular. The indexes were then already in force and have been kept for their practicality.

The analog men’s watch is therefore the proud heir to a revolutionary innovation. It thus conveys a part of history through its design. Such a piece of jewelry is timeless both in terms of functionality and style. It is much more chic than a connected watch, for example, whose style is more relaxed.

At Swiss Made Watch Watch, we firmly believe that fashion is cyclical. The vintage trend, for example, has largely confirmed this. This is why our accessories remain quite classic. We reject short-lived trends whose lifespan absolutely does not coincide with our desire to produce durable products in a suitable price range.

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