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Fitbit Introduces Performance-Boosting Chatbot for Users

Having a gym buddy is cool, and having a personal trainer is splendid, but the former isn’t guaranteed to be with you at all times, and the latter can be expensive. That’s why Fitbit is working on an AI chatbot that will keep you company and provide you with information about your workout!

Google teased a whole host of new technologies at the recent Pixel 8 event, including the upcoming Google Pixel 2 Watch and the Fitbit Charge 6.

But, it also used the platform to delve deeper into a new range of features. James Park, co-founder and CEO of Fitbit, announced something fascinating at the recent Made by Google event: health and wellness company working on new line of ‘Fitbit Labs’ features. These features, designed in the laboratory, aim to provide useful, relevant and detailed feedback on training sessions using generative artificial intelligence (AI).

They will probably appear in its application from 2024. The technology uses generative artificial intelligence to assess your workout performance based on a range of health and wellness metrics.

It has been revealed that part of this development will see adding a chatbot to the Fitbit app who will engage in conversation to help you better understand why a particular run, swim, cycle, or workout was either great, or (more likely, in our case) particularly poor.

A launch in 2024?

It has been suggested that the technology will be able to debrief users after a session, with the AI ​​chatbot commenting on performance and providing statistics, such as maximum heart rate or average pace — and comparison with previously recorded activities .

Additionally, the technology will be able to leverage a wealth of health and wellness data collected from the user, including sleep quality, stress, recovery and current exercise load. Using this information, the AI ​​chatbot can then explain how these factors can affect the current workout and even mood.

Google also revealed plans to dig deeper into performance metrics through in-app visualizations, such as charts and graphs. For now, trusted testers will be able to try out Fitbit Labs features, while the company will refine its AI offering and launch it to US Fitbit users in 2024.

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