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Firmware update causes Pixel Watch to have slower charging speed

If you think your Pixel Watch is taking longer to charge these days, you’re not wrong. Google slowed down the charging speed of the original Pixel Watch, but not on the Pixel Watch 2.

As discovered by 9to5Google, Google updated its Google Pixel Watch Technical and Device Specifications support page shortly after the Pixel Watch 2 launched. The company apparently adjusted its average charging speed times to his first Pixel Watch.

Before the change took place, the Mountain View firm indicated that the smartwatch could go from zero to 50% in 30 minutes. The Watch 2 can still achieve this speed, but its predecessor has been downgraded to reach 50% in 45 minutes. Additionally, reaching 80% takes 20 minutes longer (75 minutes), and reaching full power takes 30 minutes longer (110 minutes) than before. For comparison, the same intervals apply to the Pixel Watch 2: 30 minutes, 43 minutes, and 75 minutes.

The reason why charging takes longer on the Pixel Watch has to do with the latest firmware update. According to a statement from Google provided to the media outlet, the “ Firmware update for the Google Pixel Watch forced us to review the charging times, the new times are what the average user will experience “.

It seems that the company has not revealed when this firmware update was released. Google also hasn’t explained why it found it necessary to reduce the Pixel Watch’s charging speeds.

Avoid burns and deterioration of battery health

It can be assumed that this is a measure aimed at preventing thesmartwatchdoes not get too hot during charging. It could also bea measure to prevent deterioration of battery health. It can also be assumed that reducing the charging speed is to prevent overheating, which can physically harm users and damage the battery or adhesive mount of the Pixel Watch.

Either way, this news is a real disappointment for Pixel Watch users.

As Android Police notes, most Pixel Watch users don’t seem perturbed by this change. They’re happy that the Pixel Watch stays cool while charging, and that’s about it. One owner says that “the timing just makes it look horrible”, which is the real crux of the problem. Downgrading an expensive product after the launch of its successor is not going to win Google fans.

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