Will Apple Watches Go On Sale?

Key Takeaways

As a watch expert, I am frequently asked if Apple Watches will go on sale. The answer is yes, Apple Watches do go on sale from time to time. However, it is important to understand that Apple rarely offers steep discounts on their products. Instead, they may introduce special promotions or bundle deals with other Apple products.

Why Do Apple Watches Go on Sale?

Apple Watches go on sale for various reasons:

  • Product Refresh: When Apple releases a new version of the Apple Watch, they often reduce the prices of older models to make way for the new ones. This allows them to clear out inventory and attract customers who may be looking for a more affordable option.
  • Holiday and Seasonal Sales: Like many other retailers, Apple offers sales during popular shopping seasons such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the holiday season. These sales are a great opportunity to snag an Apple Watch at a discounted price.
  • Promotions and Bundle Deals: Apple occasionally introduces promotions that include an Apple Watch as part of a bundle deal. For example, they may offer a discounted price when purchasing an iPhone and an Apple Watch together. These promotions are designed to encourage customers to buy multiple Apple products.

What Discounts Can You Expect?

When Apple Watches go on sale, the discounts are typically modest. Apple products are known for their premium quality and innovative features, which often come with a higher price tag. However, during sales events, you can expect to see discounts ranging from 10% to 20% off the original price.

It is worth noting that Apple rarely offers discounts on their latest models. If you are looking for the newest Apple Watch, you may have to wait a while before any significant discounts become available.

Where Can You Find Apple Watch Sales?

Here are some places where you can find Apple Watch sales:

  • Apple Store: The official Apple Store occasionally offers discounts on Apple Watches, especially during holiday seasons and special events. Keep an eye on their website or visit a physical store to stay updated on any ongoing promotions.
  • Third-Party Retailers: Authorized Apple resellers, such as Best Buy, Target, and Amazon, also offer Apple Watch sales. These retailers often have their own sales events and promotions, so it’s worth checking their websites or visiting their stores.
  • Refurbished Models: Apple’s official refurbished store is another place to find discounted Apple Watches. These watches have been tested and certified by Apple and come with a warranty, making them a reliable option for those seeking a discount.


Will I Save Money by Waiting for an Apple Watch Sale?

While waiting for an Apple Watch sale may allow you to save some money, it’s important to consider your needs and priorities. If you need an Apple Watch immediately or want the latest model, waiting for a sale may not be the best option for you. However, if you can be patient and are open to purchasing an older model or taking advantage of a bundle deal, waiting for a sale could be a smart choice.

Are Apple Watch Sales Worth It?

Whether an Apple Watch sale is worth it depends on your individual preferences and budget. While the discounts may not be significant, they can still provide a welcome reduction in price, especially during holiday seasons. Additionally, bundle deals can offer added value if you’re planning to purchase multiple Apple products. Consider your needs, desired features, and budget before deciding if an Apple Watch sale is worth it for you.

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