Explore the Enchanting Rennes Jewelry Store: A Mesmerizing Realm

The city of Rennes is renowned for its numerous shops and boutiques which offer quality products. Among them, the jewelry stores in Rennes stand out for their know-how and the diversity of the jewelry they offer. Whether you are looking for an engagement ring, a gold bracelet or a designer watch, you are sure to find what you are looking for in one of the jewelry stores in this charming Breton town.

Discover the Rennes jewelry store, a sparkling world

The different ranges of jewelry available in Rennes

Rennes is home to a large number of jewelry stores, each with its own specificity and style. You will therefore find a wide selection of jewelry that will meet all your desires:

  • Rings: they are often the symbol of eternal love. Choose from the different models of engagement rings, wedding rings and fancy rings in gold, silver or set with diamonds.
  • Bracelets: simple or bold, the bracelets can be worn for any occasion. Opt for a bracelet in gold, silver or adorned with precious stones to enhance your wrist.
  • Necklaces: these elegant jewels adorn your neck with refinement. Fall for a pearl, gold or silver necklace, depending on your tastes and your budget.
  • Earrings : discreet or ostentatious, they bring a touch of femininity to your face. Let yourself be seduced by dangling, sleeper or stud earrings in gold, silver or set with precious stones.
  • Watches: combining elegance and functionality, watches are an essential accessory to always be on time. Find the watch of your dreams among the models offered by the major watch brands.

The know-how of Rennes jewelry stores

Rennes jewelry stores are characterized by their expertise and professionalism. They highlight their craftsmanship to offer you quality jewelry, made in accordance with watchmaking and jewelry traditions.

Original and personalized creations

If you are looking for a unique and tailor-made piece of jewelry, some jewelry stores in Rennes offer delivery services. creation and personalization of jewelry. You will be able to imagine and design the jewelry of your dreams with the help of an artisan jeweler who will guide and advise you throughout the process.

Repair and maintenance of your jewelry

In addition to the creation and sale of jewelry, Rennes jewelry stores also offer repair and maintenance services for your jewelry and watches. Whether replacing a broken clasp, adjusting the size of a ring or maintaining your watch, artisan jewelers will put their expertise at your service to bring your precious treasures back to life.

The right places to find a jewelry store in Rennes

Here are some neighborhoods and shopping streets where you can find the jewelry store that will meet your expectations:

  1. Rue de La Monnaie: This pedestrian street in the historic center of Rennes is full of boutiques and businesses, including several jewelry stores offering original and varied creations.
  2. Rue Le Bastard: The main artery of the city center, it is home to numerous stores, including some renowned jewelry stores where you will find quality jewelry and watches from major brands.
  3. Colombia Shopping Center: located in the heart of Rennes, this shopping center hosts several jewelry stores offering jewelry and watches at all prices.
  4. Alma Center: outside the city center, this large shopping center also offers several jewelry stores to satisfy all your desires.

Our advice for choosing your jewelry store in Rennes

To help you find the ideal jewelry store, here are some tips:

  • Take into account the opinions and recommendations from your friends, colleagues or family members to select a trusted jewelry store.
  • Check out the social networks and websites of jewelry stores to get an overview of their creations and services offered.
  • Visit the store to discover the atmosphere, chat with the sellers and check the quality of the jewelry available.
  • Do not hesitate to ask questions about the materials used, the guarantees offered and the after-sales services offered by the jewelry store.

In short, Rennes jewelry stores are a real gold mine for all jewelry and watch lovers. You will discover a wide choice of original and elegant creations, as well as passionate artisans who listen to your needs. So don’t wait any longer and let yourself be seduced by the treasures hidden in these sparkling boutiques!

List of local companies for the search “Jewellery Rennes”

MATY jewelry store – Rennes

  • Activity category: Jeweler
  • Address: 6 Rue de Nemours, 35000 Rennes
  • Telephone: +33223351546
  • Website :

jewelry store Rennes JANIN

  • Activity category: Jewelry
  • Address: 9 Rue Hoche, 35000 Rennes
  • Phone: +33299385385
  • Website :

Golden Story

  • Activity category: Jewelry
  • Address: 10 Pl. du Colombier Center Commercial Colombia, 35000 Rennes
  • Phone: +33299854741
  • Website :

Georges Jewelry Store – Colombia Shopping Center

  • Activity category: Jewelry
  • Address: Colombia shopping center, 40 Pl. du Colombier, 35000 Rennes
  • Telephone: +33299313934
  • Website :

Marc Orian

  • Activity category: Jewelry
  • Address: Colombia shopping center, Shopping Center, 40 Pl. du Colombier, 35000 Rennes
  • Telephone: +33299674150
  • Website :

Golden Story

  • Activity category: Jewelry
  • Address: Leclerc Shopping Center, Rue Jules Vallès, 35000 Rennes
  • Telephone: +33299315217
  • Website :

Golden Story

  • Activity category: Jewelry
  • Address: Rennes la Visitation Shopping Center, 11 Rue de la Visitation, 35200 Rennes
  • Telephone: +33223061119
  • Website :

Ethical Jewelry

  • Activity category: Jeweler
  • Address: 8 Rue d’Argentré, 35000 Rennes
  • Phone: +33299783579
  • Website :

Zeina Rennes Jewelry – Wedding rings and engagement rings

  • Activity category: Jeweler
  • Address: 2 Rue de Coetquen, 35000 Rennes
  • Telephone: +33230961270
  • Website :

Amaya’s Workshop

  • Activity category: Jewelry
  • Address: 7 Rue le Bastard, 35000 Rennes
  • Phone: +33257673499
  • Website :

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