Explore a diverse selection of jewelry in Marseille: catering to every taste with excellence

jewelry store in Marseille

A diversity of jewelry to satisfy all desires

Each jewelry store in Marseille offers a unique selection of quality jewelry, watches and accessories. You will discover pieces from local designers as well as renowned international brands. This diversity allows everyone to find the ideal piece of jewelry corresponding to their tastes and budget. It has never been easier to treat yourself or a loved one with a unique and refined piece of jewelry.

Traditional and classic jewelry

Lovers of traditional jewelry will be delighted by the Marseille jewelry stores offering timeless collections. Rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings in gold, silver or platinum decorated with precious and semi-precious stones will seduce the most demanding. Many iconic models are available, such as the solitaire ring, the tennis bracelet or the choker necklace.

Contemporary and trendy creations

If you are more of a fan of modern jewelry, know that the Marseille boutiques are not left out. Local creators compete in their imagination to offer original pieces that are in tune with the times. Innovative materials such as titanium or carbon rub shoulders with geometric and minimalist shapes, for a resolutely current look.

Customizable and tailor-made jewelry

For those who want a unique piece of jewelry, Marseille jewelry stores also offer the possibility of creating a tailor-made piece or personalizing an existing model. Engravings, choice of stones and finishes, size adjustments… everything is possible to obtain a piece of jewelry that reflects your image.

Quality services to support your purchase

Beyond their jewelry offering, Marseille establishments stand out for the quality of their services. Whether for pre-sales advice, repair or maintenance, you will be supported by passionate and competent professionals.

A warm welcome and sound advice

In each jewelry store in Marseille, you will be welcomed with kindness and attention. The experts will be able to guide you towards the jewelry best suited to your desires and your budget, while taking into account your body shape and your style. They will also be able to answer all your questions regarding the care and conservation of your jewelry.

On-site maintenance and repair services

Specialized stores often offer maintenance and repair services for your jewelry and watches. Whether you need a simple cleaning, restoration or transformation, do not hesitate to contact the professionals of these establishments. They will bring your favorite pieces back to life with know-how and delicacy.

Find the ideal jewelry store in Marseille

With such a large choice of jewelry stores in Marseille, it can be difficult to find your way around. To find the establishment that will best meet your expectations, here are some tips:

  1. Ask your loved ones: there’s nothing like word of mouth to discover the best addresses.
  2. Check online reviews: many sites and forums bring together testimonials from customers who have already visited Marseille jewelry stores.
  3. Don’t hesitate to explore the different shops in the city: this will give you a clear idea of ​​what is on offer and will allow you to compare offers.

In short, jewelry in Marseille offers a multitude of options for all tastes and budgets. Take the time to choose your establishment carefully and let yourself be guided by professionals to find the jewel of your dreams.

List of local companies for the search “Marseille jewelry store”

Jewelry store Rome

  • Activity category: Jewelry
  • Address: 125 Rue de Rome, 13006 Marseille
  • Telephone: +33491422178
  • Website :

Marseille jewelry store – Meyer jewelry store

  • Activity category: Jewelry
  • Address: 8 Rue des Fabres, 13001 Marseille
  • Telephone: +33491560827
  • Website :

Jewelry store Europe Gold’OR Marseille Rome

  • Activity category: Jewelry
  • Address: 99 Rue de Rome, 13006 Marseille
  • Telephone: +33491550454
  • Website :

Golden Story

  • Activity category: Jewelry
  • Address: 63 Rue Saint-Ferréol, 13001 Marseille
  • Telephone: +33491015800
  • Website :

Le Jasmin Jewelry

  • Activity category: Jewelry
  • Address: 19 Rue Montgrand, 13006 Marseille
  • Telephone: +33491334307
  • Website :

Golden Story

  • Activity category: Jewelry
  • Address: 17 Cr Belsunce Center Commercial Bourse, 13001 Marseille
  • Telephone: +33491915373
  • Website :

Gas Bijoux – Marseille

  • Activity category: Jewelry
  • Address: 106 Rue Paradis, 13006 Marseille
  • Telephone: +33491046535
  • Website :

Heness Marseille Jewelry Watchmaking

  • Activity category: Jewelry
  • Address: 48 Rue Paradis, 13001 Marseille
  • Phone: +33491556203
  • Website :

Jewelry store Europe Gold’OR Cinq-avenues Longchamps

  • Activity category: Jewelry
  • Address: 5 Av. du Maréchal Foch, 13004 Marseille
  • Telephone: +33491430648
  • Website :

Meyer Jewelry

  • Activity category: Jewelry
  • Address: 23 Rue de Bir Hakeim, 13001 Marseille
  • Telephone: +33491565030

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