All about the Swiss Made label for watches

Everything you need to know about the Swiss Made label for watches

The Swiss Made label is considered a true sign of quality and excellence in the watch industry. Indeed, watches bearing this label are renowned for their precision, durability and exceptional craftsmanship, inherited from several centuries of Swiss watchmaking tradition.

In this article, we will introduce you to everything you need to know about the Swiss Made label for watches.

The criteria for obtaining the Swiss Made label

For a watch to proudly display the Swiss Made label, it must meet certain very specific criteria, defined by Swiss law:

  • The watch movement must be Swiss made : i.e. designed, developed and assembled in Switzerland. It is important to note that some parts may be manufactured abroad, but at least 60% of the production cost of the movement must come from Switzerland.
  • The watch must be cased in Switzerland : this means that the final assembly process of the case and the insertion of the movement must take place in Switzerland.
  • The final check of the watch must be carried out in Switzerland : each watch is subjected to rigorous tests to ensure that it meets Swiss quality standards before being marketed.

It is important to specify that the Swiss Made label does not only concern mechanical watches, but also quartz watches and other types of movements.

The reputation of the Swiss Made label around the world

The Swiss Made label enjoys an excellent reputation throughout the world, synonymous with quality, reliability and innovation. Watches bearing this label are often considered a safe investment and a safe bet for watch enthusiasts and collectors.

It is therefore not surprising that many Swiss watch brands are among the most prestigious and sought after in the world.

Traditional craftsmanship combined with modern technology

Swiss Made watches benefit from a unique horological heritage, which dates back several centuries. Swiss craftsmen have always been at the forefront of innovation and have taken advantage of technological advances to constantly improve the quality and performance of their products.

Today, Swiss Made watches are recognized for their precision, reliability and durability, thanks to high quality materials and rigorous manufacturing processes. In addition, they are distinguished by their refined and elegant design, which make each Swiss Made watch a true horological masterpiece.

A guarantee of quality and authenticity

Obtaining the Swiss Made label is a real guarantee of quality and authenticity for watches. Indeed, it guarantees that the watch meets strict standards and that it has been designed and manufactured according to the rules of the Swiss watchmaking art.

Watches bearing the Swiss Made label are therefore subject to rigorous controls throughout their manufacturing process, which ensures that each watch meets the quality and reliability requirements expected by consumers.

The economic impact of the Swiss Made label

The Swiss Made label plays an important role in the Swiss economy, particularly in terms of exports and brand image. Watches are one of Switzerland’s main export sectors, with an annual turnover of several billion francs.

In addition, the Swiss Made label contributes to strengthening the image of quality and excellence of the Swiss watch industry throughout the world, which makes it possible to attract many international investors and talents to the sector.

A marketing asset for Swiss watch brands

The Swiss Made label is also a real marketing asset for Swiss watch brands, which can thus differentiate themselves from their competitors and justify often higher prices thanks to the quality and authenticity of their products.

By proudly displaying the Swiss Made label, Swiss watches benefit from an image of prestige and refinement that appeals to many consumers around the world and contributes to the success of Swiss watch brands.

The Swiss Made label is a true symbol of quality and excellence in the global watch industry. It guarantees that watches bearing this label are designed, manufactured and controlled according to the highest standards of quality and Swiss know-how.

Investing in a Swiss Made watch therefore means choosing an authentic, reliable and durable product, stemming from several centuries of Swiss watchmaking tradition.

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