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Embark on an exhilarating journey with the new Hamilton Khaki Field Expedition!

Created in 1892 in the American village of Lancaster, Hamilton has made its mark by actively participating in historic aviation events as well as in the synchronization of the very first railways.

Over the years, the brand has specialized in the niche of technical watches, designed to successfully support adventurers and soldiers in their journeys and missions. And good news, the catalog of the famous watch brand is enriched at the end of 2023 with a new line called Hamilton Khaki Field Expedition.

An all-terrain collection

Attached to the roots of the brand, the Hamilton experts focused on the development of an adventurer model with a very current style, sprinkled with small retro touches here and there. This is how the Hamilton Khaki Field Expedition watch was born!

The watch, decorated with a fully brushed finish, features a steel case topped with a stunning bidirectional rotating bezel integrating a compass functionthe essential tool for every adventurer!

The cardinal points representing North, South, West and East allow you to find your way by taking as a reference the position of the light emitted by the Sun.

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All offered with a waterproof to 100 meters depth, these new references signed Hamilton are designed to follow you on all your adventures, whatever the weather thanks to their screw-down crown. In short, these are pieces that will accompany you everywhere, or almost!

THE sapphire glass fitted on the models has benefited from a anti-reflective treatment in order to guarantee high readability, regardless of where you are on the planet.

A watch with multiple variations

You may have noticed that in recent years, the fashion has been for small diameters! But a technical watch often also means legibility, hence the interest in owning a watch with more generous proportions.

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So, to meet everyone’s demand, the Hamilton Khaki Field Expedition watch is available in two different sizes: 41 mm and 37 mm.

These two sizes are available, in turn, in 4 configurations each for a total of 8 references, the assurance of finding the model that will please the adventurer in you!

Two formats for everyone

Let us say it right away, that you choose the 41mm or whether you lean more towards the model in 37mm, you will be in the same boat. In fact, the two versions offer exactly the same characteristics with the difference in their thickness. Even the lug is identical with a length measured at 20 mm.

With a thickness of 11.5 mm for the 41 mm version and a small 10.45 mm for the 37 mm piece, we can say without batting an eye that we are facing relatively flat watches!

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Because, let’s not forget, if these timepieces are above all designed to face the harshest conditions offered by mother nature, they nonetheless remain tools to wear every day, including during your days well-deserved rest.

Whether you are a fan of sports watches with contemporary dimensions or, on the contrary, you prefer more contained or even downright antique models, this dual format can perfectly meet your preferences.

Sober dials

Tinted with blackof white or bluethe dials of this authentic tool watch are designed in a minimalist style which incorporates contrasting Arabic numerals for maximum readability.

With a particularly fine tip, the hour and minute hands as well as the second hand ensure easy reading of the passing time. The railway located on the outskirts is also very clear and is decorated with luminescent material every 5 minutes.

In this regard, note that Hamilton has here taken the decision to cover the nickel-plated hands with a coating Super-LumiNova®, brown in appearance. In addition to offering you optimal readability in all weathers, this particular shade gives the models a vintage appearance, a bit as if they had aged and improved with the passage of time.

Bracelet: leather or steel, the choice is yours!

In the world of watch enthusiasts, it is true that when it comes to bracelets, we often have our own preferences! It is with the aim of offering various options that the more than century-old house offers us the choice of leather likestainless steel.

Depending on the reference selected, it is possible to find an elegant bracelet in real leather tinted in a sober color like a more versatile steel model covered with links with a satin finish.

The configurations are defined as follows:

hamilton khaki field expedition 37mm watches

  • H70225130 (37 mm): black dial, stainless steel bracelet, folding clasp.
  • H70225830 (37 mm): black dial, green leather strap, pin buckle.
  • H70225540 (37 mm): blue dial, light brown leather strap, pin buckle.
  • H70225510 (37 mm): white dial, dark brown leather strap, pin buckle.

hamilton khaki field expedition 41 mm watches

  • H70315130 (41 mm): black dial, stainless steel bracelet, folding clasp.
  • H70315830 (41 mm): black dial, green leather strap, pin buckle.
  • H70315540 (41 mm): blue dial, light brown leather strap, pin buckle.
  • H70315510 (41 mm): white dial, dark brown leather strap, pin buckle.

An efficient automatic movement

For its new range of watches built for adventure, Hamilton has opted for its caliber H-10. This automatic movement embarking 25 jewels offers a comfortable 80 hour power reserve and beats at a very traditional frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour or 3Hz.

hamilton khaki field expedition h70315540 lifestyle 1

Equipped with a Nivachron® hairspring paramagnetic made from a special alloy, the watch is designed to resist the magnetic fields emitted by our everyday equipment. This concentrate of innovation ensures great precision even when the tocante is worn in conditions of strong temperature variations.

At the very end of last year, we offered you an article on the Hamilton Khaki Field Murph watch inspired by the film Interstellar. The famous watchmaking house is once again delighting enthusiasts with a creation designed to be worn every day. A robust timepiece, powered by a Swiss-made mechanism with interesting technical features, which presents itself as an ideal piece to expand a collection!

What release date?

Have you fallen for one of the references presented in this article and are wondering how to get it? With a release date planned very soon, the models will be presented for the first time at the We Love Watches watch show organized by Swiss Made Watch on October 12, 2023 at 128 rue La Fayette, in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. Mark your calendars so you don’t miss the event!

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