The resistant and elegant women's leather watch

Elegant Women’s Leather Watch with Resistance

For practical and aesthetic reasons, the women’s leather watch is essential. Here are the 2 obvious reasons to get one.

Summary :

  1. The qualities of the women’s leather watch
  2. The style of the women’s leather watch

The qualities of the women’s leather watch

Daily life sometimes puts us to the test, and it does not spare our jewelry. A watch in particular is quite exposed to shocks since it is placed in a strategic place on the body: the wrist. We may not realize it at the time, but the accessory sometimes testifies to it against its will. Small scratches can alter the steel bracelet or fingerprints if you are luckier.

The leather strap is the only one to take on beauty when it is “worn out”. Indeed, leather has the ability to acquire a patina over time. It ages particularly well and is extremely resistant to bumps thanks to its rigid surface and flexible hold. This is all the more the case with the cowhide leather, very widely recognized for its qualities, that Swiss Made Watch uses.

That’s why we love leather so much. It fits easily with wood, our signature material present in the dial or the watch case, since they share certain physical properties such as robustness or durability. Both are genuine materials. Together they deploy fashion accessories with a charm that is both simple and infinitely original.

His inimitable style

There ladies watch leather strap is a real must-have for any wardrobe. It goes with all outfits and all occasions, especially thanks to our fancy bracelet interchangeability system. You don’t know it yet, but you’ll love it. This allows you to swap your wristband for another in just seconds. Achievable by everyone and everywhere, handling does not require any tools. This allows you to personalize your tocante and make it evolve according to trends, and therefore your clothes. Style is in the details, and this one won’t go unnoticed!

You can also compose a women’s vegan watch by choosing a vegetable fiber bracelet: apple skin, pineapple fiber or even cork.

Obviously, the women’s leather watch exists in different forms. Our collections differ in content and form. The Swiss Made Watch Watches display varied styles and equally varied philosophies. Some more classic and others more extravagant. Each of you will be able to choose the line best suited to your needs. Note that all our ranges are compatible with each women’s wristwatch in 14mm. The price range starts at 99 euros with our Oasis mixed model.

Discover our catalog in more detail directly on our website. Delivery is fast and free for any purchase on the e-shop. You can also get an overview of our products directly in store in our official partner jewelery and watch shops in France.

The plural women’s leather watch

Sitra wooden watch with Senese brown smooth leather strap

Packshot trendy women's watch Carène with ruby ​​red smooth leather strap

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