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Dive into the Excellence of Watchmaking for Divers

Squale… A name that imposes. From its creation to today, this Swiss watch brand has established itself as a key player in the world of diving watches, combining tradition and constant innovation. Founded by enthusiasts, it is distinguished by its unique models, its craftsmanship and its ability to push the limits of watchmaking.

In this article, we offer you an immersion in the captivating world of the Squale watch, by exploring its history, its distinctive characteristics and some of its key variations.

Back to the history of the brand

Squale finds its roots in the land of precision watchmaking: Switzerland. It all started in 1950, when Charles and Hélène Von Buren decided to open their watchmaking house, then called Von Büren SA, in the city of Neuchâtel. The couple has a real passion for diving and everything related to the aquatic field. It is therefore very naturally that they decide to move towards diving watches. At that time, this type of timepiece was still very rare, even almost non-existent.

In 1959, the brand name was registered. The choice of Squale, which means “shark” in Italian, perfectly embodies the strength and resistance of its models. They can also be recognized by the famous little shark printed on the dial at 6 o’clock or on the back of the case.

Squale began by producing diving watch cases for other well-known brands, then launched its own timepieces from 1962. The first Squale watches were designed with the aim of meeting the needs of professional divers, with particular attention paid to robustness, functionality and water resistance. Some flagship models, such as the Shark 1521are rapidly gaining popularity due to their ability to withstand the most extreme underwater environments.

Over the years, the brand continues to innovate and perfect its diving watches, incorporating new features.

Today, Squale remains faithful to its beginnings by producing diving watches of high qualitywhile expanding its collection to include more stylish and versatile models.

Squale watches: design, movements and prices

Squale offers watches whose style is obviously focused on diving, therefore sporty and functional models. Designed to withstand the most extreme underwater environments, its divers are all equipped with specific features, a exceptional tightness, robust construction, and display optimal readability. In short, they are the perfect companions for adventurers of the deep.

That said, the brand also offers more refined creations, with a simpler and more discreet bezel, a subtly worked dial, a leather or mesh-type steel bracelet, for example. These slightly more sophisticated pieces remain in the aquatic domain, while adapting to those who also seek elegance in addition to performance.

On the mechanism side, all Squale timepieces carry renowned Swiss calibers on board, such as those from the ETA or Sellita manufactures. These automatic movements robust and precise guarantee the brand’s divers unfailing reliability.

Finally, regarding the prices, it all depends on the watch and its specific characteristics. There are entry-level models under the 1000 € mark, mid-range models going up to 1500 € and highly technical parts, which are therefore much more expensive. These different price ranges thus allow a wide range of people to be able to afford a Squale.

Note that prices may also vary depending on resellers, limited editions and special collections.

The brand’s flagship models

Among Squale’s most emblematic models, three watches deserve special attention:

The Shark 1521

watch 1521 blue blasted leather 1521blueblpc shark

Inspired by the first diving watches produced by Squale, this iconic piece combines vintage design and modern performance. With its case in stainless steelits unidirectional bezel and its screw-down crownthis timepiece is water resistant to a depth of 500 m.

The Shark 2002

watch 2002 black round dots 2002ssbkbkht shark

A simply breathtaking professional diver since it guarantees waterproofing up to 1,000 m. There Shark 2022 is equipped in particular with a box with helium valve. Apart from its incredible waterproofness, it is a watch renowned for its classic design and exceptional robustness.

The Squale Matic

watch matic satin orange maticxscht shark

The collection SharkMatic combines style and performance. Its versatile automatic watches are distinguished by their sleek design and their impeccable finishes. Not only are they water resistant up to 600m, but they also have the advantage of adapting to all occasions, from outdoor adventures to more formal events.

For more than seven decades, Squale has built a solid reputation in the world of watchmaking, particularly in the field of diving watches. Backed by unparalleled know-how, attentive to the smallest detail, the brand aims for uncompromising excellence for each of its models. It is aimed at both diving lovers and lovers of sporty and elegant watches.

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