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Discover the Unmatched Value of These Top 20 Amazon Watches from Best Brands Under $500!

The Best Value Watches on Amazon Right Now

Amazon is a popular destination for watch shoppers due to its vast selection, low prices, fast delivery, and easy returns process. However, with so many obscure no-name brands flooding the marketplace, it can be challenging to identify the best watch brands and models. Many of these brands offer impressive specifications at lower costs, but most are rebadged generic pieces that lack quality and durability.

To cut through the clutter and streamline your search process, we’ve compiled a list of the best value watches on Amazon right now. This list includes tried and tested brands and models that we believe are worth your time and money.


Casio F 91W FlatLay

Casio is a Japanese watchmaker that has been producing watches since 1974. The brand has a reputation for unmatched reliability and durability, and their watches are known for their retro appearance. The most popular models are digitals like the venerable f91w and a168, cheap classics that have seen a resurgence in recent years.

Casio also has lesser-known but equally great analog watches that start at a similar price. Fan favorites include the well-built mdv-106 dive watch, the dirt-cheap mq-24, and the aq-230, which has both analog and digital displays.

Arguably, some of the best value picks come from their sub-ranges. The edifice lineup features a huge range of well-finished, good-looking quartz models like the versatile efv-100 series and several fashionable AP look-alikes. The lineage series is like the next rung up, often boasting new materials and additional functionality like solar charging and radio control timekeeping. The titanium lcw M100 TSE is probably the best watch we’ve ever reviewed on Ben’s watch club and usually adorns our wrist between reviews.

Casio watches range from $15 to $3’450


Bertucci Americana Officer s Edition 13339 brown 001

Similarly affordable options are normally available from the American brand Bertucci. These watches are built for old-school performance, with high water resistance, recessed crystals to reduce impact, unbreakable fixed logs, and fairly decent straps. While these are available in a variety of colors and materials such as steel, resin, aluminum, and titanium, the styling is pretty similar across the board.

If Bertucci doesn’t particularly fancy you, it could be worth looking at Lorus. Lorus is a subsidiary of Japanese giant Seiko, and while many of their watches are vanilla and dare we say boring, there are certainly some hidden gems if you know where to look. Not only do they have some Seiko rivaling entry-level automatics with fairly elaborate dials, but their killer field watches are what really shine. These are practically unbeatable for the money, and we’re yet to see anything that really surpasses them.

Bertucci watches range from $60 to $400

San Martin

SAn Martin Watch jpg

If you’re after pure bang for buck, some of the few non-drop-shipped Chinese brands might actually be worth a look. One such example is San Martin, a macro brand that is well-known for basically making the best-constructed watches you can get for the money, or at least for that price category above the likes of Casio and Lorus.

The quality of San Martin watches is exceptional and often superior to big brands at the same price point, which is impressive for a company that most of you have probably never heard of. The most popular pieces unsurprisingly a Rolex Submariner clone, though other top sellers include copies of different models from Rolex and even Seiko.

San Martin watches range from $129 to $479


timex sub second occassion watch

Widely available on Amazon, Timex has some pretty interesting options to consider. On the lower end, you have the likes of the Weekender and Expedition ranges, which are hardy budget favorites. If you’re after something more substantial, it’s worth considering the newer field post and field solar ranges, which cost more but are more durable with steel cases and scratch-proof sapphire crystals.

A positive with Timex is that their roster is constantly expanding. For instance, the new Midtown is a really nice dress watch option that’s superior to their older Fairfield in just about every way except for price. While the Q range also has some retro models often with exuberant dials that you won’t find anywhere else, it’s worth being price-sensitive as they’re not as aggressively priced as other options on this list.

Timex watches range from $15 to $59

In conclusion, purchasing a watch from Amazon can be a great experience if you know what brands and models to look for. Casio, Bertucci, Lorus, San Martin, and Timex are all reliable and durable options that offer great value for their price point. When shopping for a watch on Amazon, be sure to read the reviews, check the specifications, and purchase from a reputable seller. With these tips in mind, you’re sure to find the perfect watch that meets your needs and budget.

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