Discover the Best and Worst 2022 Watches Seiko Orient Tudor jpg

Discover the Best and Worst 2022 Watches: Seiko, Orient, Tudor, and More!

My Top and Bottom 5 Watches of 2022

As a watch enthusiast and YouTuber, it has been another interesting year in the world of watches. In this annual review video, I will be sharing my top five watches or watch related things of 2022, as well as my bottom five watches or watch later things of 2022. Before I dive into the list, I want to thank my subscribers and viewers for another fantastic year on the channel.

Top 5 Watches of 2022

1. Seiko SSK 5KX GMT

The Seiko SSK 5KX GMT lowered the bar for affordable four-handed movements this year. While it may not sound like a good thing, it is. The arrival of the sequel 4r34/nh34 movement, a four-handed version of the movement that powers a significant portion of the sub-$500 market, was heralded by the SSK. The movement has already found its way into a number of microbrands and AliExpress watches, offering a sequel-powered, forehand GMT automatic for around $100. This is a tremendous value, considering the previous most affordable mainstream automatic GMT was Swiss made by Etta, which cost closer to $1,000.

2. Orient Bambino 38mm

The new 38mm Orient Bambino finally brings enormous satisfaction to a lot of people, including myself. The Bambino was the second watch that I reviewed on the channel six years ago, and it will always have a special place in my heart. The mid-century looks of the watch are gorgeous and belies its affordable price tag. The proportions are now pretty much spot on, and they even got rid of the awkward 21mm log width of the original. While the new Bambino is a bit more expensive than the older models and harder to find, hopefully, next year, once supply catches up with demand, that situation will be remedied.

3. Quartz Watches

Personally, I had another crazy year of buying, selling, and trading watches. I purchased another 52 this year, some of which I bought to sell, while others I bought to become part of my permanent collection. However, what stood out to me this year was the shift towards quartz watches. I find myself increasingly buying quartz watches for myself, not because it’s a contemporary shift towards course watches, but because it’s a return to quartz watches. I grew up wearing watches that ticked once per second, kept great time, and the batteries lasted for three years or so. Nowadays, it seems like buying and liking quartz watches is like admitting to having some disease, according to some comments in my videos. However, I believe that quartz watches are better looking, more accurate, more robust, and require very little in the way of servicing apart from a dollar battery every couple of years.

4. Tudor Black Bay 58

I made an exception and picked up a watch that has been my number one grill ever since it was released, the Tudor Black Bay 58. The watch is a modern interpretation of the original Tudor Submariner from 1958 and is the perfect size at 39mm. The vintage-inspired watch has a slim profile, a domed crystal, and a matte black dial that looks like it’s straight out of the 1950s. The watch is powered by a COSC-certified in-house movement and is water-resistant up to 200 meters.

5. Limited Edition Watches

Limited edition watches were a significant trend in 2022, with many brands releasing limited edition watches that were quickly sold out. The limited edition watches not only offered exclusivity but also had unique designs and features that set them apart from regular production watches. For example, the Omega Seamaster 300M Diver 007 Edition was released to coincide with the latest James Bond movie and featured a unique dial design and a NATO strap with 007 engraved on the buckle.

Bottom 5 Watches of 2022

1. Microbrand Watches

Microbrand watches have become increasingly popular in recent years, with many brands offering unique designs and features at an affordable price point. However, the quality and reliability of microbrand watches are often questionable, with many watches experiencing quality control issues and defects. While there are some excellent microbrands out there that offer good value for money, there are also many that are not worth the investment.

2. Fashion Watches

Fashion watches are often marketed as luxury watches but are made with cheap materials and subpar movements. While they may look good on the outside, they are not built to last and have a short lifespan. Investing in a fashion watch is not a wise decision, as you will likely end up spending more money on repairs and replacements in the long run.

3. Doxa Sub 200

The Doxa Sub 200 is a watch that I was excited about when it was first released. However, after reviewing the watch, I was disappointed with the build quality and the design. The watch felt flimsy, and the bezel was difficult to turn. The dial design was also cluttered, making it challenging to read the time.

4. Smartwatches

Smartwatches have come a long way in recent years, offering an array of features and functionalities that were once only found in smartphones. However, I believe that smartwatches have no place in the world of luxury watches. While they may be useful for tracking fitness and receiving notifications, they lack the craftsmanship and attention to detail that make luxury watches so special.

5. Homage Watches

Homage watches are watches that are designed to look like famous watches from high-end brands but are made with cheaper materials and inferior movements. While homage watches may look good on the outside, they lack the originality and innovation that make watches so interesting. Investing in an homage watch is not a wise decision, as you will likely end up with a watch that is a poor imitation of the original.

In conclusion, 2022 was an exciting year in the world of watches, with many significant releases and trends. While there were some excellent watches that offered good value for money, there were also watches that were not worth the investment. As a watch enthusiast, it’s essential to do your research and invest in watches that are built to last and offer a good return on investment.

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