Chronoswiss continues its space odyssey to Jupiter

Chronoswiss persists in its interstellar journey towards Jupiter

The interstellar journey of Chronoswiss continues with a new version of the model Space Timer Jupiter that the brand launched last year. now land on earth Space Timer Jupiter Gold in a solid 18-karat gold case. It must be remembered that Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and the fifth in distance from the Sun. It is an immense ball of helium and hydrogen with a solid heart in its center the size of the Earth. Unlike our planet, Jupiter’s orbit does not last 12 months, but 12 years.

Chronoswiss persists in its interstellar journey towards Jupiter

The Space Timer Jupiter shows the hours at 12 o’clock, the minutes and seconds in the center and the moon phases and date at 6 o’clock, all with a regulator arrangement that is already the most iconic DNA of Chronoswiss. Precisely, the difference of this model with the previous ones is that incorporates two functions hitherto unheard of in regulators. In addition, the new model incorporates multiple textures and coatings, combined with a daring 3D architecture.

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ITR2 disc

But the date stamp is not like the others: it floats on a ITR2 disc a creation of carbon nanotubes that allows all possible finishes and colors. For this new version of the model that was born last year, Chronoswiss has designed a translucent date disc that makes it possible to read the odd Arabic numerals in Super-LumiNova, while the even dates are made up of microplanets just 0.6 mm in diameter.

1688093117 900 Chronoswiss persists in its interstellar journey towards Jupiter

The same material is used for the hour disc. All indications float on polished and beveled bridges, evoking the Open Gear collection. The minutes are read on an inner flange with large Super-LumiNova/Ceramic composite cylinders. The Moon is made of a domed titanium disc that has been thermally colored.

1688093117 587 Chronoswiss persists in its interstellar journey towards Jupiter

The dial is a representation of Jupiter’s atmosphere. Space Timer Jupiter Gold stands out for a Laser-sculpted dial with a nano-imprint finish. At this nanometric scale, the eye cannot perceive volumes, reliefs, and bumps. Neither craters nor peaks can be captured as on the Moon or on Mars. In the Space Timer Jupiter there is only a diffuse impression of gases, colors and currents. And this process makes each piece unique, due to minute and imperceptible variations.

1688093118 631 Chronoswiss persists in its interstellar journey towards Jupiter

Driven by the automatic caliber C.308, has a power reserve of 42 hours. Its solid gold case 44 mm It has a double sapphire crystal. Also, the Space Timer Jupiter Gold It is a limited edition of 50 pieces. The case shape is very classic and true to the brand, with straight lugs, an onion-shaped crown, the iconic fluted bezel and a screw-down caseback, offering 100m water resistance.

MotionAutomatic caliber C.308, 28,800 v/h, 42-hour power reserve, 33 jewels
FunctionDecentralized hours at 12 o’clock with Open Gear mechanism, central minutes and seconds, date and moon phases at 6 o’clock
Box18-carat red gold, 44 mm, water resistant 100 meters
CoverLaser-engraved with gold-colored nano-imprint finish, galvanic black sandblasted 3D elements, thermally colored titanium dome for Moon indication
CorreaCrocodile, sewn by hand. Cordura textile strap option
VersionsLimited edition 50 pieces

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