Christmas takes a break from the hustle and bustle

We live in fast-moving, hectic times. Professional duties, family responsibilities and well-planned free time demand discipline, mobility and precise time management from us. Therefore, Christmas is particularly valuable these days. Because this festival is not only important for Christians all over the world, but is also becoming increasingly important as a break from the everyday hustle and bustle and for strengthening one’s strength.

Christmas: the birth of Jesus Christ

People who belong to the Christian faith celebrate one of their highest festivals in the cold winter, namely the birth of Jesus Christ, who for them is the Savior, Son of God and Messiah. Jesus was born more than 2,000 years ago, but his exact birthday is not recorded. It doesn’t matter, because the symbolic power of the festival counts at Christmas. When Christians created the celebration of Christmas, they adopted many symbols and elements that were known long before.

Christmas trees – a pagan custom

Various customs of the Christmas season have a pagan or secular origin, e.g. B. the Christmas tree. The fact that people put up a Christmas tree in the living room at Christmas and decorate it festively is an experience for the whole family. But the Christmas tree does not come from Christianity, it is considerably older.

The first Christian Christmas tree was mentioned in Germany in 1527. But much earlier, different cultures had a similar tradition, for example to celebrate the winter solstice or the turn of the year on New Year’s Eve. Evergreen plants were chosen because they are a symbol against impermanence. In the darkest and coldest phase of the year, they stand for vitality and health. Even the Germans attached great importance to the symbolic power of the tree. Even earlier, the Hebrews, Chinese, and Egyptians had similar ceremonial customs with evergreen trees, wreaths, and chains. In Roman antiquity, the decorated tree was used to worship the god of the sun.

Santa Claus, who is very popular around the world as the bearer of presents for children, is also a pure 19th-century fictional character. In contrast to St. Nicholas is not a figure from Christian tradition.

The festival of love and contemplation

The celebration of the advent of Jesus Christ as God’s Son and Redeemer of mankind has tremendous appeal. It is no longer a purely Christian festival. Its connecting and enclosing power gives people a time of contemplation and rest for the family. Time stands still at Christmas. What could be nicer than gifting your loved ones with a fine watch?

High-quality watches show us the everlasting flow of time

Luxury watches have that certain something. Every glance at the watch becomes a special moment in life. High-quality watches radiate good taste, a sense of noble pleasures and joie de vivre. If the timepiece also comes from a traditional Swiss manufacturer, the perfect fusion of tradition and modernity is completed.

Zeno-Watch Basel is a watch manufacturer that has been family-run since 1868. The founder Jules Godat initially specialized in silver pocket watches. Clocks for railway workers and clocks for military purposes were added later. After the First World War, the triumph of the wristwatch began. Zeno-Watch has been making its famous pilot’s watches since the 1960s.

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Have you already chosen a present?

Christmas takes a break from the hustle and bustle

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