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Choose Seiko’s Macchina Sportiva range for a sophisticated and affordable sober style.

If you are looking for a Japanese watch, and of unparalleled elegance, then it is likely that you will fall for Seiko brand watches. This brand created in 1881 has, over the years, developed to become a reference not national, but international. With their products made according to the rules of the art of watchmaking, there is no need to look further. And, even more today with the release of a brand new range, the Macchina Sportiva range. Want to know a little more? You are in the right place ! Let’s see together the characteristics of this sober, classy range, but above all at a fair price!

A watch for lovers of extreme conditions

Seiko’s know-how is indeed no longer to be proven. But, this time, class and elegance, of course always present, are placed at the service of robustness.

Indeed, the Japanese brand presents its new range of Macchina Sportiva watches as being able to withstand all kinds of the most extreme conditions, whether in the air, on the ground, and even under water!

As you will have understood, the timepieces in the collection are particularly waterproof and resistant. They can accompany you up to 100 meters underwater, but also in everyday life, in the shower, or in your bath.

However, as technology is still one of the brand’s priorities, the range features advanced technology and exceptional design.

And, for the curious, the price of these exceptional timepieces is €450. In short, a particularly affordable price for the quality that will be offered to you. It’s a worthwhile investment!

The technical qualities of the Macchina Sportiva range

Need a little more detail before taking the plunge and ordering? So here is some information that could be very useful to you.

The watch face

If you like dark colored dials, then this one will be ideal! Indeed, the black dial of this timepiece mixed with the round shape of the latter will bring a touch of elegance and sobriety to your outfit.

Regarding the indexes, they are in the shape of a sword, to affirm the masculine side of the watch. And, to make them stand out, they are dressed in a very beautiful silver color, with a lumibrite paint.

We also note the presence of three counters:

  • one of 60 minutes located at the 6 o’clock level
  • the second is located at 9 o’clock and is used to indicate the small seconds
  • the third is positioned at the 12 o’clock level and is a 1/20 second counter

The movement of the watch

One of the first features you notice when buying a watch is its movement.

For this range, the Seiko brand has decided to offer a charging solution that operates using solar collectors. Indeed, the Japanese brand has decided to commit to protecting the environment by offering a fully responsible charging method.

For a little more detail, the latter works thanks to a solar quartz movement, directly equipped on the watch. For the type of caliber used, this one is of type V179.

Finally, its power reserve is 6 months when fully charged. A very good autonomy!

The watch strap

Like talking about a watch if we are not interested in its bracelet. As we said before, the Macchina Sportiva wants to be extremely resistant. Thus, the bracelet then had to be just as much.

It is for this reason that the brand has chosen to offer a stainless steel bracelet. To continue in the line of elegance and sobriety, the latter is obviously black in color.

Because comfort remains one of the most important points, the bracelet is equipped with three rows of links. Comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, the perfect combo.

On the clasp side, it is composed of a folding clasp equipped with various push buttons. Such a secure clasp, which will allow you to have support in all kinds of situations.

You now know everything there is to know about Seiko’s new Macchina Sportiva range. If you want to get it, go to the Ocarat website to order easily and easily!

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