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Challenge Your Knowledge in Watchmaking and Identify These Iconic Models

Look around you, how many people wear a watch on their wrist? Generally, the vast majority like to have this accessory for its practicality, but above all for its design. But, of course, not all of them are fans of timepieces and watches. However, if this is your case, you have come to the right place! Want to test your knowledge in the field of watchmaking and legendary watches? Take this quiz and you will know your level. Watch out, let’s go!

An iconic watch model

It is not a legend, what makes it possible to qualify a timepiece as “mythical” is mainly its longevity. So, to start this quiz, it’s a watch model created by the very first watch brand of the world that we have decided to talk about.

It’s in 1953 production begins of this watch, which was presented to the general public the following year. And, what makes it special is that it is actually the first professional diver’s watch!

If we could see it very regularly on the wrists of divers, the best known, it remains very true to itself, its design has not really changed.

So, an opinion? Is it the

  • Blancpain Fifty Fathoms
  • IWC Pilot’s Watch
  • Rolex Submariner

If you chose to answer answer 3, then congratulations to you! We are obviously talking about the Rolex Submariner.

Aim for the moon

You wonder why the title of this question is “Aiming for the moon”. Well the answer is quite simple, it is that the watch which we are going to describe to you is the only watch having been officially worn on the Moon ! Impressive, right?

Indeed, after its release in 1957it is very quickly that the Nasa has decided to make it its favorite model and the approved one, hold on tight, on all of the organization’s manned flights.

On the design side, this watch remains probably one of the most emblematic of the field, with an undeniable charm that continues today to make more than one crack. If you are a real luxury watch lover, you will surely have guessed the name of the model in question; the latter having a very great popularity in the middle.

Here are some suggestions to help you. We are talking about:

  • Cartier tank
  • Casio G-Shork
  • Omega Speedmaster

It is of course the watch Omega Speedmaster, also known as Moonwacth. Now you know why!

Iconic model of an iconic brand

That pretty much sums it all up: this timepiece can be defined as the iconic model of an iconic brand.

More than a century old, this watch whose creation dates from 1919 is today an essential symbol of the brand to which it belongs, and in particular, in the sector of shaped watches.

Because yes, this model has a very recognizable shape, directly inspired by military tanks when viewed from above. Although it has gone through multiple versions, the very essence of this watch remains identical, reflecting a French elegance.

We talk about the Cartier tank ! A small clue was slipped into the proposals of the previous question in order to bring back to your mind the existence of this great watchmaking classic.

Bonus Questions

If you have answered the three previous questions correctly, congratulations to you, you have, indeed, very solid knowledge! It’s now time to make the game a little more difficult by giving you a lot less clues. Let’s go!

For car fans

If you are both a watch lover and a motorsport enthusiast, this passage is for you.

Launched in 1969, this model is nowadays considered one of the best-known emblematic chronographs. It is both the star of the circuits and of the screens, because the most attentive will have recognized it on the wrist of Steve McQueen in the movie Le Mans.

That’s all we’re going to tell you! So did you find it? The correct answer was of course the TAG Heuer Monaco !

lady of steel

Lady of steel and not of iron because the watch we are going to talk about is the first made of this material. Its design results from the genius of Gerald Genta.

End of suspense, it was the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak.

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