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“Certified by Brand” Resale Portal for Luxury Goods Now Available on Ebay.

As we know, the big problem with second-hand products is where they come from. Is it a real watch and not a copy? Isn’t it stolen? Does it work correctly? A whole host of questions, quite legitimate by the way, that buyers ask themselves when buying a second-hand product online.

In this case, Ebay has often had problems with the presence on its platform of counterfeit products. A real problem for the American giant (and its millions of customers) which, for once, is struggling to stand out from the competition which for several months has been offering certified second-hand watches (as at Bucherer for example).

In order to remedy this recurring problem, Ebay has just unveiled a brand new service available on its platform: it has been called “Certified by Brand”. More concretely, it is the brands themselves that certify the originality of the watch (or bag or jewel). These may be new, certified pre-owned, limited edition or exclusive products.

All timepieces come with a minimum one-year warranty. As for the jewelry and bags also concerned by this new offer, they are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity upon purchase.

Still embryonic, this service is expected to be developed in the months to come. For the moment, only a few watch brands are part of this adventure: Ernst Benz, Konstantin Chaykin, Perrelet, Vianney Halter and Zodiac Watches. Let’s hope that others will join this novelty, otherwise the offer may be far too low to attract potential buyers.

It should be noted that this program follows the launch by Ebay in 2020 of its guarantee of authenticity on the American market. A device that concerns sneakers, handbags, watches, jewelry and collectible cards.

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