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Casio G-Shock teams up with Polar with the new GBD H2000

Casio is teaming up for the first time with the Polar brand to offer an extremely complete connected sports watch: the GBD H2000, the latest in the G-Squad series of watches, whose purpose is to improve training sessions. Released this month, this innovative yet rugged smartwatch puts Casio in good stead in the universe of sports tracking accessories.

Sports watch “Powered by Polar”

To give you a clearer idea, Polar is a Finnish manufacturer of sports watches and smartwatches. Notably known for having developed the world’s first wireless heart rate monitor, the brand now wants to sell its precious licenses to various brands of connected health products, i.e. a set of 25 fitness tracking algorithms from which commercial partners can choose. These relate to sleep, training, well-being, activity, performance and recovery.

Strongly interested in these technologies, Casio has certainly not missed Polar’s call, and has appropriated these functions to integrate them into its new model called G-Squad GBDH2000.

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G-Squad GBDH2000: a smartwatch designed for top athletes

We told you, this model combines Polar technology with the recognizable design of G-Shock watches.

Solid design

A robust and clearly visible watch, made of a shock-resistant bioplastic structure (ecological material), with a water-resistant case up to 200 m and a carbon-reinforced resin back. The middle is topped by a muscular double-layered frame, embellished with various textured side buttons. We don’t do finesse here, but rather beefy. That said, the GBD-H2000 is surprisingly light and comfortable once slipped on the wrist, which offers a nice range of motion.

Technologies designed for sport

The new GBD-H2000 is equipped with a GPS function and six sensors that can track users in a wide range of sports training. Several modes are offered, with support for 8 activities: running, trail, walking, cycling, open water swimming, pool swimming, gym training, and interval training. The use is simple since it is enough to press a button to select the activity which interests you and then to obtain the follow-up of your efforts in real time.

Among its multiple measurements are an optical sensor for heart rate, a compass, an altitude and atmospheric pressure sensor, a thermal sensor for temperature, an accelerometer, a gyroscope to detect body movements. Other sensors measure sleep and the level of oxygen in the blood.

Its GPS function makes it possible to measure the position, distance and speed of movement of the person wearing the watch. There G-Squad GBD-H2000 obviously comes with a dedicated application and is equipped with a rechargeable solar battery. It is also equipped with countless features that are usually found in G-Shock (calendar, world time, stopwatch, LED lighting, alarm, energy saving mode, etc.).

Casio thus presents us with an extremely complete watch that responds precisely to the needs of athletes by accompanying them and helping them to improve their performance.

Price: €399

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