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Caipi SevenFriday P1C/04

The name almost says it all.

SevenFriday (or 7F) is a week made up of seven Fridays – a week we all dream of, especially in these times.

SevenFriday is also the ambition to offer high-end character watches that are unlike any other without taking themselves too seriously. This is a change from the classic watchmaking where serious work = serious or even austere people…
I had the opportunity to meet the team and I confirm it to you: at SevenFriday, we work a lot but we have fun as well.

Recipe for the SevenFriday P1C/04 Caipi watch

In the same vein, the brand plays with total transparency – which is another change from classic watchmaking, which is very often akin to the world of silence.
In fact, simply turn the case of a SEVENFRIDAY watch over and you will discover how/where the model you are holding was born.

Design and concept are realized in-house.

The construction of the watches is entrusted to a Chinese partner, while the movements on board are of Japanese origin – in this case Miyota movements.
Don’t be afraid though: the vast majority of brands, especially in this price segment, are used to doing exactly the same thing. But without telling you.
At 7F, we don’t hide it.

Back view

Finally, to conclude this quick presentation, SEVENFRIDAY is finally an immense creative freedom, the collections having for vocation not to leave indifferent.
Guided by a spirit of total independence, far from the conventions of traditional watchmaking, SEVENFRIDAY was created in 2012 with the ambition to invent a brand with its own codes.
Daniel Niederer (co-founder and CEO) and Arnaud Duval (co-founder and designer) do not hide their great admiration for Richard Mille, whose approach is not so far away, the Breuleux manufacture having invented its own style of watches.

The comparison stops here, however, as SEVENFRIDAY has set itself the goal of producing watches at an affordable price, while Richard Mille, to our great delight, imposes no limits on itself – neither in terms of design nor in terms of sales price – so take the opportunity to explore the Richard Mille catalog.

Lime is finally present via a luminescent material of a citrus green in the night, which adorns the hour and minute hands as well as the three indexes applied at 12, 4 and 7 o’clock.

It is also found on the back of the watch in the form of a slice printed on the bottom of the case.

From the assertive design to the exploration of materials, it is all the DNA of SevenFriday that we find in the P1C/04. Not to mention the NFC chip and the SevenFriday App (iOS & Android), which allow to authenticate the watch and activate the 3-year warranty extension.

A tasty recipe for chilling

This picture being quickly painted, it is now time to tell you about the latest arrival from SEVENFRIDAY: the P1C/04 Caipi.

Witness of the cool spirit that animates the brand and its teams, SEVENFRIDAY delivers at the beginning of the press release announcing the launch of this P1C/04 Caipi a very personal and offbeat definition of the word Caipi which means, in the 7F dialect (I quote): to bask in the sun.
Although humorous, this definition fits perfectly with the reality of this novelty with summery and refreshing tones that invites to chill.

Cocktail lovers all know the Caipirinha recipe: lime, sugar, cachaça and ice.
The recipe of the SEVENFRIDAY P1C/04 Caipi is directly inspired by it.

Thus, the white and polished ceramic in which the ring, bezel and winding crown are forged act as ice cubes.

The silvered elements (peripheral minute track, minute wheel and hand, and the graduated section of the small seconds counter) and opaline elements (the rest) of the dial are an evocation of the crystalline cachaça that is essential to the famous and tasty cocktail.

The lime is finally present via a luminescent material – of a citrus green in the night – which adorns the hour and minute hands as well as the three indexes applied at 12, 4 and 7 o’clock.

Because this SevenFriday P1C/04 Caipi is a mechanical watch with automatic winding.

It is indeed equipped with the Miyota 82S7 caliber, a movement without particular nobility but proven and delivering a classic 40 hours power reserve.
The choice of this movement also allows the brand to keep the price of its model down (I’ll come back to this in a moment).

7F finalizes its model by dressing it up with a white calf leather strap, the P1C/04 Caipi also being equipped on the back with a passive NFC chip allowing you to scan your watch with the SevenFriday APP (iOS & Android) to guarantee the authenticity of your watch.

Finally, in accordance with its pricing policy that should be described as wise, SevenFriday offers the P1C/04 Caipi at the low price of 1,650 €.

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