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Big changes are in store for Garmin’s upcoming range of interconnected watches.

When talking about connected watches, it is impossible not to mention one of the leading brands on the market: Garmin. Known for its many ranges and collections of watches made especially for athletes, it misses no opportunity to renew itself and stay at the top of the rankings. And, this is what we will observe very soon! Indeed, the brand announces the release of a future collection that promises many changes. Let’s find out together.

A new collection called Garmin Instinct 2X

Once again, Garmin is not likely to disappoint us. If you already know the different ranges of the house like the ranges Fenix ​​and Epix or the Garmin Venus 2, intended for sports users and trail fans, the little news should indeed attract even more people.

As you will have understood, Garmin will launch very soon the Instinct 2X collection, in the same line as the Instinct models already existing on the market. The latter have the particularity of being models of timepieces more autonomousbut also at a more accessible price than some other models, considered premium.

But, then, what should we expect from this all-new range? This is what we are going to see now.

The features of this Garmin collection

You can imagine, if this collection is talked about, it is because it will be synonymous with change for the brand.

If we can first find certain features such as:

  • geolocation by GPS
  • heart rate monitoring
  • a barometric altimeter
  • a return to the starting point function

Some other more original ones are worth looking into a little more in depth.

An XXL size

If you are already familiar with the Garmin brand, you know that the “X” nomenclature corresponds to the latter’s name of a large format model. And, it is the case to say it, because the Instinct X collection will offer timepiece models whose diameter will reach 57 mm. A first for the American watch manufacturer, which broke its record here.

garmin change new collection

But that’s not all…

A collection equipped… with flashlights!

Yes, you are not dreaming. If we are talking about major changes for this new range of the Garmin brand, it is above all because the latter will equip his flashlight watches.

But, not just any flashlight. As you probably guessed before we told you, the brand turned to prototypes LED flashlights. These will be more RGB, which will allow them to be able to change color!

So, for all those who like to do a trail, a cycling session, or any sports activities during the night, this feature should be very useful to you. Whether for questions of practicality, but above all of safetyyour flashlight watch will quickly become indispensable during each of your workouts.

A solar version

The third and last novelty to talk about concerns a very interesting feature: solar charging!

Indeed, the collection should offer on the market watches capable of being recharged using light. This will then allowincrease the duration and autonomy of your watch, without making any effort. All you need to do is wear your watch outside in the sun!

What about the price of the models in this new collection?

If you already seem seduced by this brand new collection, you are probably waiting to know the price of the models in the latter.

To give you an idea, the watches of the Instinct 2 and 2S range available on the market are between 300 euros, for the classic version, and 400 euros for the solar version.

Thus, for the Garmin Instinct 2X, it is likely to expect a slightly higher price than its big sisters. But don’t panic, this should not exceed 500 euros in order to remain accessible.

You now know everything you need to know about this new collection filled with change for the Garmin brand. Obviously, to find out a little more, it is quite possible to go to the brand’s website, or to ask professionals!

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