rolex gmt master II uncatchable

Artisans de Genève presents the Rolex GMT Master II

Today I present to you the watch of a man with a fascinating story: Franck Abagnale Jr. Remember this mythical film “Catch me if you can”, with DiCaprio as the main actor. Well Mr. Abagnale is a man of taste because he called on the “Artisans of Geneva” for his watch The Uncatchable.

In the 1960s, Frank Abagnale Jr decided to move to Manhattan in order to escape from a gloomy family life. To survive on his own, the young man finds a loophole in the system and forges checks to support himself.

Based on a model of Rolex GMT Master II 116710, Abagnale Jr quotes: “I wanted my watch to look like me, and take me back to the 60s. We find a magnificent dial with a natural patina, marked by time with hand-painted indexes slightly in relief with a luminescent effect. The flat-tooth bezel has been completely redone with a red and blue bakelite insert in vintage style.

1682917123 461 Artisans de Geneve presents the Rolex GMT Master II

The date disc has also been patinated and the days appear in red and blue in a superb typo inspired by the 60s. The blued second hand goes perfectly with the red GMT hand.

The case of this GMT-Master has been worked in detail to maintain consistency and a vintage look. We find lugs with a satin finish and with polished facets. The sapphire crystal case back allows you to admire the Caliber 3186 completely redecorated. The balance bridge has been redone at Franck’s request and the mass is in 21 carat gold.

1682917123 996 Artisans de Geneve presents the Rolex GMT Master II
1682917123 415 Artisans de Geneve presents the Rolex GMT Master II

To match perfectly with the 60’s style, this exceptional piece is equipped with a riveted steel bracelet entirely developed by Craftsmen of Geneva.

A breathtaking watch which is none other than the reflection of a life steeped in history. This customization has cost between $30,000 and $50,000, in addition to the watch of course. Personally I think the game is worth the candle.

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