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Are Lacoste watches worth the investment?

Not everyone knows it, but the brand with the crocodile logo, Lacoste, is not only the creator of its famous polo shirts. Indeed, among the products that it is possible to obtain from the brand, there are also accessories, and in particular watches. These timepieces have met with great success with the public! But what are Lacoste brand watches really worth? Is the value for money really interesting? This is what we will try to see together!

The quality of Lacoste watches: there or not?

Even if the brand’s models particularly stand out thanks to a very recognizable and trendy design, this does not necessarily mean that the design quality will be there.

First of all, we see that design of watch models is generally very neat. Indeed, the boxes of the latter are made of steel, proof of a certain resistance. Everything is also very well put together, with a very great importance given to finishes.

The advantages of brand watches

Even if we have already stated some advantages of Lacoste brand watches, that is not all.

Indeed, watch lovers will tell you that these products are really robust and have a very good sealespecially important for anyone who is not used to taking off their watch in the shower.

Moreover, contrary to what the most skeptical people might say, the lifespan of Lacoste timepieces is really satisfactory. And yes, they are even famous for their impressive durability.

Finally, it is impossible not to talk about the designs, the real strong point of these products.

  • Large collections for men, but also for women
  • designs elegant and modern
  • A really sought-after aesthetic and characteristic of the mark

In short, very good watches to wear on your wrist in everyday life.

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The disadvantages of Lacoste watches

As nothing is perfect, the watches of the crocodile brand still have some small flaws, however far fewer than the advantages.

The first that we can cite concerns quartz movements. Indeed, it is difficult to find information about them, which can sometimes put off some potential buyers.

The second point we can talk about concerns his price. This one is, as you can imagine, slightly above the average fashion accessories offered by brands in the same category. This is what we are going to discuss now.

The price of Lacoste watches: justified or not?

Now let’s move on to the subject you’ve probably been waiting for: the price of watches.

On average, the watches offered by the brand, whether among the ranges for men, but also for women, are included in a price of 100 to 200 €. Thus, if we compare the price of these watches to that of certain luxury brands, it is possible to say that the latter are rather affordable.

However, Lacoste offers a range of price higher than that of these competitors like the Cluse brand, or the Paul Valentine brand. A price that can still be justified by the real research work in terms of design and aesthetics.

But then, is the price of Lacoste watches too high in relation to their quality? Of course, when it comes to price, everything is subjective. Of course, it is obvious that the price also corresponds to the reputation of the brand that no longer needs to be demonstrated.

But, we nevertheless believe that the price of Lacoste brand watches is justified. Even if the price is above average, the quality and research in terms of artistic direction is also.

We can therefore fully affirm that the price-performance ratio is absolutely correct. Let’s not forget that even if the price is high, the quality is just as high, which justifies investing in the product.

You now know everything you need to form your opinion on the quality-price ratio of Lacoste watches. If you are convinced, it is possible to find their models in stores, but also on online sales sites, such as Ocarat for example.

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