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Are Even Luxury Watch Brands Making Mistakes? The Top 5 Slip-Ups!

Welcome back friends! Today, we will be looking at the things watch companies are doing wrong. As someone who has been in the watch industry for a while, I have noticed several key issues that need to be addressed for the industry to be taken more seriously.

Five Mistakes Watch Companies Are Making


First on the list is dishonesty. Watch companies are not always honest with their consumers and this becomes a significant problem when they use buzz phrases like “in-house,” “Swiss-made,” or “military-grade.”

These phrases are gray areas and can mean different things for different brands. For instance, a watch company’s version of “in-house” could differ from another’s.

We, as consumers, need more specific information about the products we are buying, and watch companies must give us clear details that can help us understand better what our money is being spent on.

Poor Websites

Have you ever visited a watch brand’s website and come out more confused than when you got in? If you have, then you are not alone. Watch brands need to focus more on simplicity and clarity in website design.

Customers need information about the brand, its watches, and pricing. Watch brands need to focus on giving customers the information they need instead of telling long stories about the history of their watches.

Social Media

Social media content creation is essential for any business or brand, and the watch industry is no exception. Still, watch companies are not always very good at creating their content.

Omega, for example, has an Instagram account that is lifeless and lacks character. The images are flat and do not convey what it would be like to wear the watch.

Product Launches

One of the significant issues around product launches is availability. Watch companies introduce watches that are not available for purchase for a year or more, which causes a lot of hype but also kills the excitement. Tudor and Oris are examples of companies that have excellent launches.

They launch a product, and it is available to buy in the shops within days, if not the same day. Other companies need to learn from these leaders in the industry.

Limited Editions

Last on the list is the issue of limited editions. While they are exciting, too many limited editions can become uninteresting. Companies like Oris have started to plaster their logo on almost everything, which has caused some saturation and lack of interest in these products.

So, while it is easy to understand the commercial implications of producing limited editions, to avoid saturating the market, companies should be strategic about when and how they produce these limited edition watches.

To conclude…

In conclusion, the watch industry has several issues that need to be addressed. Dishonesty, poor websites, weak social media content, poor product launches, and too many limited editions are some of the main problems. To stay competitive, watch companies must address these issues and improve the customer experience. I hope this video helps watch companies improve their offerings and makes it easier for you as a customer to find the right watch.

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