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Are dress watches undervalued in terms of style?

Have you noticed it too? When we discuss watchmaking among enthusiasts, it is often around sports watches that our various discussions are oriented. Divers water-resistant to 300 meters and other chronographs are of course superb products, but why then do we focus so little on more refined and discreet pieces?

If at a certain time classic watches were the norm and more technical pieces the exception, it seems that the trend has been reversed for several years now! It is to give back to the elegant watch its letters of nobility that the Swiss Made Watch Magazine is now focusing on this marvelous object. You might even be surprised by these as their style is so versatile!

What is a dress watch?

Before getting to the heart of the matter, it is worth recalling a few key points. Because the one we usually call a “dress watch” is a watch that stands out for its very specific technical characteristics! Often carried out in a diameter contained not exceeding 40mm, its thin case features clean lines enhanced by beautiful mirror-polished finishes. Although the classic watch rarely offers complications, it does rely on its elegant style to shine and stand out in its own way.

Can be accompanied by a fine metal bracelet composed of small links, it is mounted on a flat bracelet in exotic leather, topstitched or not, let it reveal all its potential! The unique and natural patterns offered by the skin of lizard, crocodile, alligator, ostrich or even shagreen are adorned with sober and more electric colors and constitute, in fact, a wonderful playground allowing you to express your personality, without any limits.

These are all these elements which, put side by side, make the classic men’s watch and the classic women’s watch exceptional creations and absolute essentials for any collection that wants to be complete.

You will have understood, not everyone wants a dress watch!

A style to stand out

Did you know that during the 20th century men and the women used to wear just one watch? It was often an elegant model that they associated with each of their daily outfits but also with their most formal outfits. If you can, take the time to look through your family photo albums, there is a good chance that you will find your mother or grandfather proudly wearing a classic watch both chic and distinguished.

And when you think about it, there is a logical reason for that! Although many think that they can only be worn with a suit or a suit, dress watches are in reality much more accessible models than they seem, they are pieces that lend themselves to many occasions. To realize this, think about a timepiece that can be worn during the week at the office as well as during your outings in the city on the weekend but also during major events of particular importance such as weddings or baptisms. The classic watch ticks all the boxes here by combining wonderfully with your jeans, t-shirts and sneakers!

Dress watches are also an opportunity to explore new shapes! To go even further, don’t hesitate to direct yourself towards a model rectangular, square even in the form of barrel which will wonderfully embody the image of the comfortable wristwatch, a real must-have for all fans of masculine and feminine elegance.

Associated with Roman numerals or painted Arabic or even applied stick indexes, the geometric and unusual shapes of its middle will be of the most beautiful effect. You can even find a model here equipped with a dial decorated with your favorite color. To stay in the register of refinement, consider the numerous models available with a shiny black, sunray gray, navy blue or even forest green dial.

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The most stylish women can also opt for a reference with a real mother-of-pearl dial whose discreet multicolored reflections will bring a touch of splendor and shine to their delicate wrist.

If the creations in stainless steel offer a very modern look, the models whose case has been Golden or plated with a layer of real gold will be ideal for remaining in the traditional codes of chic.

How much does a dress watch cost?

You like the classic style, you would like to set your sights on a dress watch and you are wondering how much it will be necessary to pay to wear a pretty model like this on your wrist?

And no, it’s not because these timepieces have a distinctive and elegant look that they cost more than the sporty models that we are now used to seeing in the metro or in the city center! Whether you have a few dozen euros or a larger budget, you can now acquire a chic model that will fit brilliantly into all your everyday outfits. Enough to adopt a little touch of distinction that the most attentive to detail will not fail to notice.

Many watch brands today offer one or more lines of refined timepieces aimed at men and women.

Vintage enthusiasts will have no difficulty here in finding what we call a “ reissue », namely a modern piece openly inspired by a reference from the past. Accessible and often faithful to their ancestors, these timepieces represent for many a perfect opportunity to taste retro chic style without taking the slightest risk.

Finally, all those who appreciate both beautiful mechanics andclassic elegance will want to turn to a luxury watch with impeccable finishes, in short, an exceptional piece of high quality.

If the dress watch is no longer as popular as it once was, it is not to be forgotten, quite the contrary! Its pure lines and great finesse make it a piece of choice for all people wishing to wear a most elegant timepiece. And don’t forget, this style has real power! That of standing out without making a mistake in taste so, even if you are not used to wearing such pieces, don’t waste any more time, go for it and dare!

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