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Apple’s Latest Endeavor: Revamping the Design of the ‘Watch X’

The next range of smart watches Apple is expected to offer only minor improvements, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman’s recent report. However, behind the scenes Apple is diligently working on a major upgrade, dubbed “Watch X”, in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the smart watch. Indeed, if Apple has kept the design of its smart watches Fundamentally true to the aesthetic we saw on the first Apple Watch in 2014, it looks like Apple has big plans for the tenth anniversary.

Apple’s smartwatch is set to receive a major update, but not in the coming year. The upcoming 2023 models, slated for release next month, are expected to feature minor updates.

This matches the gradual update pattern seen in recent years. Mark Gurman notes that discussions have taken place within Apple regarding the potential abandonment of the current annual upgrade cycle, although no substantial decision has been made.

The Series 8 introduced a body temperature sensor last year, while previous upgrades have included a larger screen and performance improvements. So far, Apple has stuck to a square format for the watch case, with rounded edges for each generation. Over the years, it has only changed the physical buttons and the thickness of the screen edges.

The Apple Watch has had relatively minor changes every year, unlike the iPhone’s frequent upgrades. Recent improvements include a body temperature sensor, larger screen, and increased performance. However, the overall evolution of the Apple Watch has been incremental, giving consumers less compelling reasons to upgrade with each generation.

The future redesign of the “Watch X

In the future, Apple plans to unveil a ‘Watch X’ model to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the smart watch. This significant overhaul is expected to be the largest to date. After being presented in 2014 and launched the following year, the Watch X is expected to debut in 2024 or 2025.

For the Watch X, Apple designers strive to create a thinner watch case and to reconsider the strap attachment mechanism. The current system involves the wristbands sliding into the chassis and securing using a locking mechanism. While this design helps maintain compatibility between different models, it also takes up valuable space that could otherwise accommodate a larger battery or additional components.

Apple is studying a magnetic tape mounting system as a potential alternative. Additionally, significant upgrades are planned, including a microLED display for increased color and clarity, as well as blood pressure monitoring technology.

Apple is preparing to unveil the Apple Watch Series 9 line alongside the latest iPhone 15 series. The anticipated event is currently scheduled for September 12, as stated by Mark Gurman.

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