The 6 nominees for the 2023 Exhibitor Grand Prix announced

Announcement Made: The 2023 Exhibitor Grand Prix’s 6 Nominees Revealed

These 6 innovations were transmitted to the 750 exhibitors of the 2023 edition who will designate their winner. Verdict on June 6th during the great evening of exhibitors at the EPHJ Show.

Following the deliberation of the 2023 Exhibitors Grand Prix Jury, which analyzed the many innovations proposed, a list of 6 nominees was selected. These 6 innovations were transmitted to the 750 exhibitors of the 2023 edition who will designate their winner. Verdict on June 6th during the great evening of exhibitors at the EPHJ Show.

The jury of the Exhibitors’ Grand Prix, made up of MM. Eric Rosset, Professor HES-SO, Pierre Amstutz, Director of the Ecole d’Horlogerie de Genève, André Colard, EPHJ founder, Thomas Saenger, EPHJ founder and Alexandre Catton, director of the EPHJ Show, have selected the following 6 innovations:

3D fabrication of miniaturized ultra-short pulse devices

Femtika offers a revolutionary 3D manufacturing technology for miniaturized devices. Their approach combines multi-photon polymerization (MPP) and selective laser etching (SLE) to produce high-precision polymer or glass components. This technology enables the creation of complex devices such as moving gear systems and microfluidic chips, thus opening new perspectives for prototyping and innovation in the field of micro-devices.

Microlution ML-5

GF Machining Solutions presents its Microlution ML-5 machine, a laser micromachining solution for the watch industry. The ML-5 offers consistent accuracy, reduced machining times and great design flexibility. Using femtosecond laser technology, it can machine a variety of materials without thermally affecting the machined areas. The ML-5 demonstrates its versatility in manufacturing different horological geometries, offering exceptional results, and highlighting its ability to meet the geometric and technological challenges of the watchmaking industry.

GrindoSonic® MK7

The issue of control in the manufacture of high-end watches is crucial to ensure constant excellence and optimal quality. GrindoSonic® MK7, an advanced measurement system based on the Impulse Excitation Technique (IET), can detect defects in the order of one part per million (ppm) and ensure optimal mechanical performance. It measures the elasticity, porosity and asymmetry of components without damaging them. Thanks to its precision and its ability to guarantee high quality standards, GrindoSonic® MK7 is an ideal solution for the high-end watch industry.

The new innovative Oscrew system

MPS WATCH presents Oscrew, a new system for fixing oscillating weights for self-winding watch movements. Oscrew offers an aesthetic, reliable and removable solution, without additional components. This innovative system combines the advantages of crimping, locking blades and the MPS Flyfix system. Laboratory tests have confirmed its reliability, even under extreme conditions. MPS WATCH, a division of MPS Micro Precision Systems AG, is an expert in watch ball bearings and supplies high quality movement components to watch manufacturers.

Tulip clip

Percipio Robotics, a spin-off from the FEMTO-ST research institute, presents the Tulip gripper, an innovative gripper for handling objects from 50μm to 10mm. The Tulip gripper is distinguished by its compactness, robustness and reliability, with a high stroke and high clamping force. It also offers great adaptability thanks to tool attachment systems and undemanding custom-made tools. The Tulip clamp finds applications in various fields such as watchmaking, micro-electronics, biomedical and optics.

Air Spray Jura: a bomb on the market

“Air Spray Jura” proposes to replace the liquid propellant gases of aerosols by compressed air, offering environmental and health advantages. The project aims to reduce the size of aluminum containers, transport and manufacturing costs, while reducing safety. With over 15.5 billion aerosols sold each year, the system could eventually capture 50% of the global market. The project, initiated in the 1990s, seeks to relaunch this innovation in response to current concerns.

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