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An Extraordinary Dual Proposal: The Zenith Chronomaster Original In Enchanting Pink

It is certainly not the first time that Zenith is committed to the fight against breast cancer during Pink October since the manufacture had produced a Defy 21 Pink Edition in a similar context. However, unlike the previous time, the model that served as a starting point this time is more reasonable and affordable. This is the Chronomaster Original which is therefore adorned with a pink dial to show Zenith’s support for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Part of the proceeds from the sale of this model will of course be donated to the foundation.

The first good idea is therefore to have used this model. The Chronomaster Original is the watch in the current collection, if I put aside the Revivals, the most classic in its interpretation and the closest to what were the traditional Zenith chronographs. Its size is harmonious (38mm) which makes it portable by men or women alike. In addition, its dial is particularly balanced because I find that the diameter is perfectly suited to the dimensions of the El Primero caliber 3600. The Chronomaster Original thus benefits from the performance of this movement offering a power reserve of 60 hours and above all the ability chronograph seconds hand to complete one revolution of the dial in 10 seconds. 

I remind you that this feature is not a useless coquetry, especially in the context of a 5hz movement that can display 10ths of a second. Thanks to this second hand, reading these 10ths of a second becomes much easier because only 100 markers are positioned around the dial compared to 600 for a chronograph powered by the “classic” El Primero caliber.

Either way, being a watch with more timeless proportions and style perhaps makes it more suited to accommodate a pink dial. This dial is a great success because it manages to be luminous while having enough contrasts. Thus, the counters manage to stand out visually from the background of the dial while the various peripheral scales offer attractive gradations. The dominant color imposes its singularity and the watch ultimately becomes original, but this time in the sense of atypical or surprising. I even found this Chronomaster Original Pink wearable on a male wrist, provided that some psychological barriers were lifted. Personally, I don’t see myself wearing it, a matter of taste. But I had the feeling that it could easily seduce a male clientele looking for an unexpected variation of the Chronomaster Original.

The El Primero caliber 3600:

el primero

But if they’re interested, hurry. And here I come to the second good idea implemented by Zenith. The watch is not a limited series. Finally, according to the usual definition. But it is only available for sale during the month of October. I find this idea excellent. For what ? Quite simply because the Chronomaster Original Pink retains a dose of mystery. How many will there be in circulation? Nobody knows at first glance even if we imagine that this number will be low. It reminds me that the most wanted watches are not limited editions. The limited series somehow breaks the spell because we know how many watches are produced. But when the production remains small but mysterious, it brings a little extra excitement. Audemars Piguet has also implemented a similar approach with, for example, the 50th anniversary Jumbo 16202. This watch will only be available with its commemorative rotor during this year before recovering its standard rotor if I can put it that way. In short, I think that Zenith made the right choice with this method. I am convinced that the concept of limited production is much more effective than that of limited series.

zenith oringinal pink

The Zenith Chronomaster Original Pink will be available until October 31, 2022 (and not a day more!) at a price of 9,700 euros with a steel bracelet.

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