Patek Philippe brilliant show

An Exceptional Showcase by Patek Philippe

Watchmaking art cannot be understood without jewelery watches; They are one of the most exquisite manifestations and also help the most to enhance the value of watchmaking mechanics. As a manufacturer, Patek Philippe treasures a total mastery of each and every one of the specialties that are closely related to watchmaking, and of course also what has to do with jewelry. In fact, he is planning a year in which jewelery watches will have their specific weight within the offer of the Genevan manufacture.

A few months ago, he already left clear signs of his mastery and mastery of the setting technique with the appearance of four pieces of unquestionable watchmaking value and elevated by the presence of precious stones. Two of them focused on the Grandmaster Chime referencia 6300the most complicated wristwatch in patek philippe; two fine watchmaking creations enhanced with baguette-cut blue sapphires and diamonds. The other two featured the chronograph with perpetual calendar reference 5271 which were adorned with blue sapphires or baguette rubies. Creations of great elegance that combine the technical excellence of grand complications with the most exclusive types of settings. In the Patek Philippe style.

The Ref. 6300/400G-001 displays 409 baguette-cut diamonds (31.35 carats) that are set on the case, the two bezels and the satin-polished folding clasp.

The setting of precious stones has been used since ancient times to embellish watches. The same happens with other craft techniques such as engraving, cloisonné enamel or enamel miniature painting. There are plenty of samples of all this in the historical collection of the Museo Patek Philippe from Geneva. We should say that all of them have been present in the works of the firm since it was founded in 1839, and in the specific case of setting there are very eloquent examples such as the pendant-watch purchased by Queen Victoria during the Great London Exhibition in 1851 (No. 4719), adorned with rose cut diamonds.

Aesthetic and mechanical sophistication

But in the Patek Philippe manufacture they have always wanted to go one step further in jewelery watches, trying at the same time to highlight the mechanical sophistication of the models with the introduction of great complications. This is what we find in these four new models, which have been enhanced with the most beautiful stones, carved and set according to the rules required by the Patek Philippe Seal. These proposals are intended to enrich the offer of exceptional watches in the Patek Philippe permanent collection and their annual production will be limited depending on the complexity of the movements and cases, as well as the meticulous setting work that requires the best craftsmen. .

Launched in a limited edition to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the manufacture – in 2014, the Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime with his double face he was introduced to the permanent collection in 2016to be launched three years later in a white gold version equipped with two spheres marked by the color opaline blue (Ref. 6300G-010).

diamonds and sapphires

Patek Philippe pays homage to the mechanical sophistication of this flagship model by presenting it in two new high jewelry versions in white gold. The first of them, the reference 6300/400G-001 stands out for its 409 baguette-cut diamonds (31.35 cts) set on the case, the two bezels and the folding clasp. While, reference 6300/401G-001 is adorned with 118 baguette-cut blue sapphires (11.9 cts) on one of the bezels (hour side) and on the folding clasp; in the other, the one that frames the calendar, there are 291 baguette-cut diamonds (20.54 carats) distributed between the bezel and the case.

1692353189 723 An Exceptional Showcase by Patek Philippe
Ref. 6300/401G-001. Version with 118 baguette-cut blue sapphires (11.9 carats) adorn one of the bezels (hour side) and the folding clasp, while the face that frames the calendar features 291 baguette-cut diamonds (20.54 carats).

A brilliant proposal that not only exalts the mechanical quality of this creation but also adds extra value and complexity. Both creations also stand out for using the technique of “engaste invisible” on the edge of the edge as well as on the sides of the bracelet lugs and on the rotation links.

Patented rotation mechanism

The reversible case is distinguished by its patented rotation mechanism that allows it to be combined with any of the two visible dials. Both present an elegant black ebony opaline colorwith reason “Clous de Paris” guilloche hand-engraved on the hour side. For his part, the shiny black crocodile leather strap is embellished with contrasting ecru (Ref. 6300/400G-001) or blue (Ref. 6300/401G-001) stitching.

1692353189 720 An Exceptional Showcase by Patek Philippe

With their 20 complications, this model is considered the most complicated Patek Philippe wristwatch in the current collection. Its five sound functions in three timbres include grand sonnerie, petite sonnerie, minute repeater and two patented world firsts: an alarm that plays the set time and a snooze datea which displays the date at will. He takes care of all of them calibre 300 GS AL 36-750 QIS FUS IRM hand-loaded; Made up of 1,366 pieces, it also incorporates a perpetual calendar indicating the year in four digits.

Clous de Paris decoration

These two watches are delivered with white gold cufflinks set on the periphery with a row of baguette-cut diamonds. (Ref. 6300/400G-001) or baguette-cut blue sapphires (Ref. 6300/401G-001). The white gold center, like the dial, displays a opaline ebony black finish decorated with a “Clous de Paris” guilloché pattern hand engraved. It has the addition of the Calatrava cross, emblem of Patek Philippe.

1692353189 390 An Exceptional Showcase by Patek Philippe
Bezel, bracelet lugs and folding clasp have been set with 80 baguette-cut blue sapphires (5.16 carats). The composition has its extension in the sphere lacquered in blue with a black gradient on the periphery that gives it greater depth.
High jewelery chronograph

Since the launch of the reference 1518 in 1941, the perpetual calendar chronograph has established itself as a great Patek Philippe classic and one of the most demanded pieces by collectors. In 2011, the CH 29-535 PS Q caliber was incorporated, entirely conceived and manufactured in the manufacture (Ref. 5270). In 2014, Patek Philippe launched a reinterpretation of this model in a platinum version enhanced with a baguette-cut diamond setting (Ref. 5271P-001). Now it is the turn of two high jewelry versions with colored gems.

blue dress

On the one hand, reference 5271/11P-010 stands out for its bezel, its bracelet lugs and its folding clasp set with 80 baguette-cut blue sapphires (5.16 carats), as well as its blue lacquered sphere with a black gradient on the periphery. The profile of the bracelet lugs are decorated with moldings and enhanced with baguette-cut sapphires of five different sizes. The shiny black alligator leather strap with contrasting blue stitching completes this elegant show.

On the other, we have reference 5271/12P-010. Has 80 baguette-cut rubies (5.25 cts) set on the bezel, bracelet lugs and deployment clasp. The intense color of the gems is transferred to the red lacquered dial with a black gradient on the periphery. Also to the contrasting red stitching on the shiny black alligator leather strap.

1692353190 218 An Exceptional Showcase by Patek Philippe
The 80 baguette-cut rubies (5.25 cts) set in the bezel, lugs and deployment clasp add intensity to this piece. The color of the gems continues on the red lacquered dial with a black gradient. This is also reflected in the contrasting stitching on the shiny black alligator strap.

In both watches, the platinum case has been polished by hand. The pushers are satin-finished on the sides and polished on the top. Like all platinum Patek Philippe models, the middle is set with a brilliant-cut diamond at 6 o’clock.

Inside, the caliber CH 29-535 PS Q. It combines a traditional architecture (manual loading, column wheel, horizontal clutch with toothed wheels). It also features six patented chronograph innovations and a calendar mechanism that is just 1.65mm despite its 182 components. It is visible through a transparent sapphire case back, but can be interchanged with a solid platinum case back. It’s all for the show.

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