Des repose-montres très sympas et très accessibles en groom ou astronaute

An accessible and versatile timepiece suitable for grooms and astronauts alike

The watch rest: here is a product that did not exist a few years ago. And then, with the development of sales of luxury timepieces, collectors nowadays having a whole collection of beautiful mechanics, different models of watch rests began to appear on the market.

A priori, we have the feeling that this accessory is useless or not very useful… Nay! Many nightstands or desks have surfaces that can scratch your watch case or strap. Either when you put it down to sleep, or during the day when you work on your computer.

Today, many watch rests are available on the market. From the cheapest to the most luxurious, like the model from Duret for example. In the very accessible category, Chinese online sales platforms such as Aliexpress, for example, market these products at unbeatable prices.

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