a trendy and elegant accessory

A stylish and sophisticated embellishment

An essential jewel to perfect your wedding outfit

Gone is the watch of a lifetime that you wear religiously without ever changing it! Like ready-to-wear, shoes or costume jewellery, the watch also submits to the trends that shape it, revealing different facets… and different functions. One thing is certain: for D-Day, the watch for the groom becomes a real fashion accessory to be chosen with care to bring a touch of elegance and refinement to your outfit.

Current trends in bridal watches

Today, brands offer a multitude of models to satisfy all tastes and expectations. Here are some top trends in bridal watches:

  • Vintage : with its round dial, its fine hands, the vintage watch seduces with its timeless, chic look.
  • The ultra-modern : sleek design, innovative materials, advanced features characterize these ultra-contemporary watches.
  • The classic revisited : taking up the codes of traditional watches, these models are distinguished by original, daring details.

  • The connected watch : perfect for tech-savvy brides and grooms, the smartwatch combines high-tech functionality and aesthetics.
  • Eco-responsible models : in wood, recycled stainless steel or equipped with a solar movement, these watches combine elegance and respect for the environment.
  • Tailor-made : for a unique watch, in their image, some bride and groom opt for the personalization of their jewelry.

How to choose the ideal watch for your wedding?

Several criteria must be taken into account to select the watch that will enhance the groom’s outfit:

  • The dress code : the watch must match the suit, shirt and shoes. For example, a vintage watch will go perfectly with a classic tuxedo, while a modern watch will be more suited to a contemporary look.
  • Morphology : it’s important to choose a watch proportionate to the size of your wrist. Men with thin wrists will prefer small dials, while those with largerwrists can afford imposing models.
  • The colour : although black and brown are safe bets, it is possible to play with colors to bring a touch of originality to your outfit. For example, a rose gold stainless steel watch will look great with a navy blue suit.
  • The budget : depending on his means, the groom can opt for a luxury watch or turn to more affordable models without sacrificing quality or aesthetics.

The essential brands for a successful wedding watch

Many watchmakers offer models that will cause a stir on the big day:

  • Rolex : symbol of prestige, of excellence, the Swiss brand offers a range of luxurious watches that will appeal to newlyweds in search of refinement.
  • Omega : with their clean lines and timeless design, Omega watches are perfect for enhancing a wedding outfit.
  • Tag Heuer : renowned for its sporty, elegant watches, the house also offers models suitable for major events.
  • Tissot : between tradition and innovation, Tissot watches seduce by their quality, their varied style, ranging from classic to contemporary.
  • Seiko : with its models combining precision and design, the Japanese brand will delight brides and grooms looking for a unique, functional watch.

The watch for the groom: a crucial choice for a successful outfit

In conclusion, the watch for the groom is more than just an accessory : it reflects his personality, his style, his tastes. Whether vintage or ultra-modern, classic or connected, it is essential to take the time to choose the ideal watch to perfect your outfit, to make a splash on the big day.

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