The Louis Vuitton Watch Prize for Independent Creatives takes shape

A New Award for Independent Creatives Emerges: The Louis Vuitton Watch Prize

Things are accelerating and the first edition of the Louis Vuitton Watch Prize for Independent Creatives is taking shape. The communication of the composition of the Committee of Experts (of which I have the chance and the privilege of being a member) made it possible to recall the principles and the key stages of the edition. The vocation of the Louis Vuitton Watch Prize is to shine the spotlight on the dynamism of independent watchmaking and to contribute to the emergence of the talents of tomorrow. Thus, the winner will benefit from a scholarship and a one-year mentorship within La Fabrique du Temps Louis Vuitton in order to provide him with all the support (not just watchmaking) so that his project materializes and meets with commercial success. .

Candidates wishing to submit their applications must have independently designed and created a legally protected watch or horological construction within the framework of a registered company. Only creations assembled and marketed before July 2023 will be taken into account. Please note, however: the deadline for submitting the application is 31 May 2023.

The submission of the application is simply done via an online form:

The deposit is made on the Louis Vuitton Watch Prize website through a very simple online form to complete and which is accessible at the following address:

It is therefore sufficient to communicate the required data but I draw the attention of potential candidates to the importance of the answers given to questions relating to the context of the creation:

  • Why do you want to apply for the “Louis Vuitton Watch Prize for Independent Creatives”?
  • Why did you create your brand? How would you define it?
  • How do you envision the future of your brand?
  • How do you envision the future of watchmaking?

Indeed, these questions make it possible to understand the vision and the ambition in which the creator fits, which makes it possible to better apprehend and understand the creation. Do not neglect these elements which will subsequently help to inform the Committee of Experts.

Another point that deserves to be underlined: the Louis Vuitton Watch Prize is not dedicated solely to wristwatches but is open to all watchmaking creations.

Once the applications have been approved, the Committee of Experts will select the five finalists according to five criteria: design, creativity, innovation, know-how and technical complexity of the creation presented. After hearing the five finalists, the jury will elect the winner who will be revealed during an award ceremony to be held in early 2024.

As you have understood, at this stage, it is essential for all those who wish to participate in the Louis Vuitton Watch Prize not to miss the deadline of May 31. This is the reason why I am at the disposal of all those who would like to submit their application in order to provide them with advice in this crucial stage. Do not hesitate to contact me for this purpose.

In any case, personally, I am delighted with the approach taken by Louis Vuitton, Jean Arnault and his team. Independent watchmaking is not only an essential but indispensable cog in the industry. She creates trends, imagines complications, dares certain approaches through personal and extremely committed projects. It then inspired the major players in the sector and there are many bridges between independent designers and the big houses. These are not worlds that oppose but on the contrary that have everything to gain from communicating and working with each other, each obviously keeping its own backyard. It is the purpose of the Louis Vuitton Watch Prize to promote these exchanges while allowing independent watchmaking to strengthen itself and maintain its freedom of movement.

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