Men’s Watches: A Must-Have Fashion Accessory

Watches, much more than a simple instrument for measuring time

Considered for a long time as simple instruments to know the time, watches are today real Fashion Accessories which are proudly displayed on the wrist of guests at weddings. Whether for men or women, the watch has become an essential element to perfect your outfit and add a touch of elegance to your look.

Best watch brands for a wedding

Many brands offer watch models suitable for important events such as weddings. Here are some of the most popular brands:

  • Seiko : this Japanese brand offers watches with a refined design and affordable prices, ideal for major events.
  • Kademan : specializing in women’s watches, Kademan offers elegant models with stainless steel bracelets, perfect for a wedding.
  • Jin Shi Dun : This Chinese brand offers men’s watches with diamond-adorned dials and stainless steel bracelets, for a luxurious look.

Choosing the right watch model for a wedding

Choosing which model of watch to wear to a wedding depends on several factors, such as the style of the outfit and personal preference. Here are some tips for choose the right watch for a wedding :

Take into account the color of his outfit

It is important to choose a watch whose color harmonizes with that of his outfit. For example, if one wears a dress or a black suit, it is better to opt for a silver stainless steel or black leather watch.

Opt for an elegant and discreet model

At a wedding, we generally try to show ourselves in our best light without overshadowing the bride and groom. It is therefore preferable to choose a watch at sober and refined design, which will enhance your outfit without overdoing it. Models adorned with diamonds or precious stones may be appropriate, as long as they remain discreet.

Stay true to your style

Finally, it is essential to choose a watch that reflects his personality and his style of dress. Do not hesitate to opt for an original model if it corresponds to your character, but always make sure that it remains adapted to the event.

How to wear your watch well at a wedding?

Which wrist to choose?

Traditionally, you wear your watch on your left wrist. However, it is quite possible to wear it on the right wrist if that suits you better or if you want to think outside the box.

Which bracelet to choose?

The choice of watch strap also depends on the style of the outfit and personal preferences. Leather straps are generally more stylish and comfortable, while stainless steel or ceramic straps add a modern touch.

  • Leather : a great classic for men’s and women’s watches. It brings an elegant and timeless touch to the watch.
  • Stainless steel : a durable choice that suits both men and women, with a modern and sophisticated look.
  • Ceramic : for an even more contemporary look, opt for a ceramic bracelet. This innovative material combines lightness and resistance, and is available in a wide range of colors.

The right fit

For your watch to be truly showcased at a wedding, it is essential that it fits perfectly on your wrist. So make sure that the bracelet is neither too tight nor too loose, in order to avoid any discomfort or risk of losing the watch.

In conclusion, “wearing a wedding watch” is a trend that continues to grow. Watches are now considered to be essential fashion accessories to perfect its outfit during major events. It is therefore essential to choose the right watch and wear it elegantly to make a splash at a wedding.

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